Royalty-free music library

Stock music - royalty free by Sonic Liberty

Sonic Liberty’s royalty-free music library offers a vast array of genres and unique compositions. The diversity of our clients and their respective projects inspire us to provide you with the right stock music you need for your movie trailer, video game, TV commercial or film project. You can use any of our tracks in any part of your project: in opening shots and game intros, in commercial jingles and waiting loops, in your intros and optional credits. Because we want your project to succeed, we go to great lengths to ensure that you can focus your energy on the important stuff: making the most of your creativity. This means that we will bother with the licensing and legal procedures so you don’t have to. Because licensing can be a quite tedious process, we offer a simple solution tailored to your specific purpose: whether you’re producing an image film, video games or apps or even traditional advertising for radio and TV broadcasting, we’ve got you covered. Our music is GEMA-free, which means that you can acquire the respective license directly from the author without having to deal with Germany’s performance rights organization. For example, our standard license for music used for Podcasts or radio plays allows you to purchase a track from us and use it without temporal or spatial restraints. Sonic Liberty is proud to provide you with an extensive collection of music tracks, SFX, and loops, so you can find everything you need in one place, under one license. You can take your time and browse through our royalty-free music and immediately include what you like in your project. For your convenience, we have not only sorted our music by genre, but also by specific applications. Whether you’re searching for a melody that accompanies a press event or a movie trailer, whether you’re looking for jazzy tunes or distorted guitar sounds – you can find them in a matter of clicks . If you have a favorite composer, you can also command a full-text search. Every music file can be downloaded as an mp3, WAV or AIF file. Our portfolio includes many different titles, ranging from epic compositions to joyful jingles, and covering virtually every tempo from largo to prestissimo. In the unlikely event that you do not find any royalty-free music that meets your demands, we are very happy to compose a track that satisfies your specific wishes.

Album Tracks Tags
Royalty-free Music #Weekendvibes
#Weekendvibes 10 Lounge, Bar, Relax, Chill, Chillout, cafe
Royalty-free Music A Fantasy Story
A Fantasy Story 7 Film, Fantasy, Epic, Mystic, Enchanting, Adventure
Royalty-free Music Acoustic Daydreaming
Acoustic Daydreaming 10 Americana, Country, Emotions, Acoustic, guitar, campfire, Cello, Folk, Ed Sheeran
Royalty-free Music Acoustic Emotions
Acoustic Emotions 10 Pop, Emotional, Acoustic, guitar, acoustic guitar
Royalty-free Music Acoustic Weekend
Acoustic Weekend 10 Pop, Country, Acoustic, guitar, campfire
Royalty-free Music Action Grounds Vol.1
Action Grounds Vol.1 18 Action, Conflict, Chase, Suspense, Rising
Royalty-free Music Action Grounds Vol.2
Action Grounds Vol.2 18 Rising Suspense, Action, Conflict, Chase
Royalty-free Music Action Orchestra
Action Orchestra 19 Action, Chase, Suspense, Confrontation, Battle
Royalty-free Music Agents&Spies
Agents&Spies 21 Suspense, Mystery, Spies, Spying, Heist, Sneaking
Royalty-free Music Alternative Rock
Alternative Rock 17 Youth, Kids, Party, Hard, Fast, Guitars, Indie
Royalty-free Music Alternative Rock Vol.2
Alternative Rock Vol.2 20 Youth, Kids, Party, Hard, Fast, Guitars, Indie
Royalty-free Music Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Ambient and Lounge Vol.1 12 Fashion, Lounge, Relax, Style, Chill-out
Royalty-free Music Ambient and Lounge Vol.2
Ambient and Lounge Vol.2 9 Fashion, Lounge, Relax, Chill-out, Mode
Royalty-free Music Ambient Flux
Ambient Flux 10 Peace, Relaxation, Ambient, Chillout, floating
Royalty-free Music Ambient&Drones Vol.1
Ambient&Drones Vol.1 14 Ambience, Atmosphere, Background, SonicScapes
Royalty-free Music Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Ambient&Drones Vol.2 19 Ambience, Atmosphere, Background, Sonic Scapes
Royalty-free Music Ambitions
Ambitions 10 image film, motivating, film music, hopeful, inspiring, encouraging
Royalty-free Music American Cowboys
American Cowboys 20 Guitars, USA, Americana, Highways, Bars
Royalty-free Music American Landscapes
American Landscapes 17 USA, Americana, Landscapes, Prairie, Farms, WideOpenSpace
Royalty-free Music Automotive Commercial
Automotive Commercial 10 Fast, Electronic, Driving, Modern, Cars, advertising, Beat, synthesizer, technology
Royalty-free Music Automotive Vol.1
Automotive Vol.1 12 Trailer, Commercials, Modern, Cars, dynamic, floating
Royalty-free Music Automotive Vol.2
Automotive Vol.2 14 Modern, Cars, dynamic, floating
Royalty-free Music Background Music
Background Music 17 Background, Lounge, Relax, Friendly
Royalty-free Music Bass Odyssey
Bass Odyssey 10
Royalty-free Music Battlegrounds
Battlegrounds 8 Action, Battle, Army, War, Percussion, Ancient, Archaic
Royalty-free Music Beautiful
Beautiful 21 Peace, Calm, Contemplation
Royalty-free Music Beauty In Ambience
Beauty In Ambience 10 Calm, Film, Travel, Score, Ambient, nature, cinematic, documentary, film music, cold, nordic, pads, landscape
Royalty-free Music Being Now
Being Now 5 Indie, Pop, Fun, Rock, Alternative, Commercial, electric guitar, drums, outdoor
Royalty-free Music Beyond The World
Beyond The World 10 Calm, Ambient, Chill, beats to study to, sleep
Royalty-free Music Big Feelings
Big Feelings 10 Trailer, Orchestra, Emotional, uplifting, cinematic
Royalty-free Music Black Prophecy Vol.1
Black Prophecy Vol.1 7 Space, Fight, Adventure, War, Orchestra, Live, Strings, Choir, Brass, Star Wars
Royalty-free Music Black Prophecy Vol.2
Black Prophecy Vol.2 7 Space, Fight, Adventure, War, Orchestra, Live, Strings, Choir, Brass, Star Wars
Royalty-free Music Blockbuster
Blockbuster 10 Heroic, Corporate, Inspirational, cinematic, film score, motivational
Royalty-free Music Bollywood
Bollywood 10 Dance, Film, Romantic, Vocals, Bollywood, Colourful, Living, Exotic, Sitar
Royalty-free Music Box Office Hits
Box Office Hits 10 Hard, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, building, violent
Royalty-free Music Business Education
Business Education 10 Corporate, business, image film, presentation, training, educational video, background music
Royalty-free Music Business Matters
Business Matters 10
Royalty-free Music Calm Ambience
Calm Ambience 8 emotion, Score, loneliness
Royalty-free Music Calm Orchestra
Calm Orchestra 19 Background, Relax, Sombre, Romantic
Royalty-free Music Cartoons & Agents
Cartoons & Agents 10 Sneaking, Agents, pursuit, searching, cartoon, clumsy, silly, funny, stupid
Royalty-free Music Children
Children 20 Kids, Children, Magic, Enchantment
Royalty-free Music Children Vol.2
Children Vol.2 8 Kids, Children, Magic, Enchantment, Fun
Royalty-free Music Children's Corner
Children's Corner 11 Children, Fun
Royalty-free Music Chill Carrier Vol.1
Chill Carrier Vol.1 9 Relaxing, Spheres, Chill
Royalty-free Music Christmas Piano
Christmas Piano 9 Lounge, Christmas, Piano, solo piano
Royalty-free Music Christmas Time
Christmas Time 10 Christmas, Classical
Royalty-free Music Cinematic Curiosity
Cinematic Curiosity 10 Film, Fantasy, Orchestra, cinematic, hero, mysterious
Royalty-free Music Cinematic Emotions
Cinematic Emotions 10 Cinema, Drama, Romantic, Orchestra, Piano, cinematic, film score, guitar, hope
Royalty-free Music Cinematic Hybrid
Cinematic Hybrid 10 Trailer, Positive, nature, uplifting, image film, motivating, inspiring, encouraging, presentation, organic
Royalty-free Music Cinematic Impact
Cinematic Impact 10 Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, extreme, sound design
Royalty-free Music Cinematic Piano Scoring
Cinematic Piano Scoring 10 Drama, Score, Ambient, Emotional, Piano, filmmusic, cinematic
Royalty-free Music City Rhythm
City Rhythm 10 Youth, Jazz, Hip Hop, beats to study to, Chill Hop, Urban, Trip Hop
Royalty-free Music Cityscapes
Cityscapes 10
Royalty-free Music Club Beats
Club Beats 18 Party, Clubbing, Dance, Fashion, Catwalk
Royalty-free Music Colorful Emotions
Colorful Emotions 10 Background, Pop, Happy, Modern, advertising, Positive, business, montage, slideshow
Royalty-free Music Cool Ambience
Cool Ambience 16 Atmosphere, Lounge, Space, Electronic
Royalty-free Music Corporate and Positive
Corporate and Positive 11 Commercials, Happy, GoodVibes, Warm, Alive, Lively, Joyful
Royalty-free Music Corporate Economy
Corporate Economy 10 advertising, image film, motivation, tutorial, inspiring, presentation, training, education
Royalty-free Music Corporate Strategy
Corporate Strategy 10 business, image film, company, motivation, enthusiasm, tutorial, course
Royalty-free Music Cozy Days
Cozy Days 10 Lounge, Relaxation, Chillout, study, read, sleep, quiet
Royalty-free Music Criminal Acts
Criminal Acts 10
Royalty-free Music Dance
Dance 22 Dance, Club, Disco, House
Royalty-free Music Dance Charts
Dance Charts 15 Club, House, Groove, Bar, Dancing
Royalty-free Music Dance Rush
Dance Rush 10 Party, Dance, Club, House, Radio, Electro, Charts, Beat, EDM, Synths
Royalty-free Music Dancefloor Beats
Dancefloor Beats 3 Dance, Club, Energy, Groovy, Electric
Royalty-free Music Dark Cinema
Dark Cinema 17 Film, Cinema, Drama, Thriller, Death
Royalty-free Music Dark Orchestra Vol.1
Dark Orchestra Vol.1 10 Drama, Death, Menace, Darkness
Royalty-free Music Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Dark Orchestra Vol.2 10 Drama, Death, Menace, Darkness
Royalty-free Music Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Dark Orchestral Mainthemes 13 Suspense, Film, Drama, Trailer, Intro, Title, OpeningCredits
Royalty-free Music Dark Tales
Dark Tales 12 Cinema, Drama, Death
Royalty-free Music Destructive Trailers
Destructive Trailers 11 Action, Thriller, Trailer, SFX, Sound Effects, sound, effect, sound design
Royalty-free Music Drama
Drama 18 Drama, fate, despair, depression, emotion
Royalty-free Music Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic Orchestra 16 Suspense, Battle, Fight, Heroes
Royalty-free Music Dreaming Piano
Dreaming Piano 10 Drama, Classical, Piano, cinematic, film score, pensive, solo, melancholic, minimal
Royalty-free Music Dreams Atmosphere
Dreams Atmosphere 10 Peace, Lounge, Relaxation, Ambient, Chill, Chillout, Silence
Royalty-free Music Earthbound
Earthbound 10 Electronic, Retro, Sci-Fi, synthesizer, Arpeggio, 80s
Royalty-free Music Easy And Smooth
Easy And Smooth 9 Background, Lounge, Jazz, Smooth
Royalty-free Music Easy Listening Vol.1
Easy Listening Vol.1 26 Background, Shopping, Relaxation, Jazz, BossaNova
Royalty-free Music Easy Listening Vol.2
Easy Listening Vol.2 14 Background, Shopping, Relaxation, Jazz, Bossa Nova
Royalty-free Music Easy Pop Vol.1
Easy Pop Vol.1 13 Pop, Groove, Friendship, Sun, Light, Casual
Royalty-free Music Easy Pop Vol.2
Easy Pop Vol.2 16 Pop, Groove, Friendship, Sun, Light, Casual
Royalty-free Music Economic Upswing
Economic Upswing 10 Corporate, Energetic, Positive, business, aspiring, motivating
Royalty-free Music Electrified Orchestra
Electrified Orchestra 20 Chase, Suspense, Film
Royalty-free Music Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Electrified Rock'n'Pop 14 Dance, Fashion
Royalty-free Music Electro Club
Electro Club 5 Club, Disco, Dance, House, Modern
Royalty-free Music Electro Collective
Electro Collective 10 Electronic, Modern, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap
Royalty-free Music Electroactive
Electroactive 10 Modern, dynamic, floating
Royalty-free Music Electroland
Electroland 10 Dance, Electronic, House, Driving, Energetic, Positive, EDM
Royalty-free Music Electronic Intensity
Electronic Intensity 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, Club, Modern, Charts, EDM, beats
Royalty-free Music Electronic Lounge
Electronic Lounge 10 Soothing, Flowing, Reflecting
Royalty-free Music Emotional Promotion
Emotional Promotion 12 Children, Commercials, Happy, GoodVibes, Warm, Alive, Lively, Family, Whisteling, Joyful
Royalty-free Music Emotional Trailer
Emotional Trailer 16 Film, Trailer, Intro, Title, TV, OpeningCredits
Royalty-free Music Endless Summer
Endless Summer 10 Lounge, Beach, Bar, Relax, Chill, Chillout, Positive, summer
Royalty-free Music Energy Rock Vol.1
Energy Rock Vol.1 20 Action, Fight, Thrill, Energy, Sports, ElectricGuitars, RockConcert
Royalty-free Music Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo)
Energy Rock Vol.2 (mid tempo) 19 Action, Fight, Energy, Sports, Pressure, ElectricGuitars
Royalty-free Music Energy Rock Vol.3
Energy Rock Vol.3 20 Action, Fight, Electric Guitars, Rock Concert, Thrill, Energy, Sports
Royalty-free Music Energy Rock Vol.4
Energy Rock Vol.4 17 Fight, Electric Guitars, Energy, Sports, Tension, Metal
Royalty-free Music Epic Dimension
Epic Dimension 11 Trailer, Fight, Movie, Danger, Sci-Fi, HighTension
Royalty-free Music Epic Fantasy
Epic Fantasy 12 Trailer, Fantasy, Mystic
Royalty-free Music Epic Rock Vol.1
Epic Rock Vol.1 20 Fight, Energy, Sports, Tension, Metal, ElectricGuitars
Royalty-free Music Epic Rock Vol.2
Epic Rock Vol.2 15 Fight, Electric Guitars, Energy, Sports, Tension, Metal
Royalty-free Music Epic Trailer Hybrid
Epic Trailer Hybrid 10 Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, hybrid
Royalty-free Music Epic Trailer Vol.1
Epic Trailer Vol.1 22 Suspense, Film, Trailer, Fight, Heroes, OpeningCredits
Royalty-free Music Epic Trailer Vol.2
Epic Trailer Vol.2 22 Suspense, Film, Trailer, Fight, Heroes, OpeningCredits
Royalty-free Music Ethereal Echoes
Ethereal Echoes 10 Calm, Relaxation, Atmospheric, ethereal, relaxed, tranquillity, reflection, contemplative
Royalty-free Music European Cinema
European Cinema 16 Film, Cinema, Movies, Europe, Arthouse
Royalty-free Music Fanfares
Fanfares 9 Sound Logo, ID, Triumph, Fanfare
Royalty-free Music Fantastic Orchestra
Fantastic Orchestra 14 Magic, Enchantment, Fantasy, Spells, Magic Realism
Royalty-free Music Feelgood Vol.1
Feelgood Vol.1 21 Pop, Groove, Sunshine, Friendship
Royalty-free Music Feelgood Vol.2
Feelgood Vol.2 11 Youth, Friendship, Commercials, Happy, HappyDays, GoodTimes, Freedom, GoodVibes, Warm
Royalty-free Music Focused
Focused 10 Corporate, success, business, image film, career, office
Royalty-free Music Funky Tracks
Funky Tracks 16 TV, Sitcom, Funk
Royalty-free Music Funny Tracks
Funny Tracks 21 Fun, Clowns, Circus, Beach, Commercials
Royalty-free Music Fusion
Fusion 17 Electro Jazz, Jazzrock
Royalty-free Music Game Show
Game Show 13 Background, TV, Radio, Gameshow
Royalty-free Music Gentle And Uplifting
Gentle And Uplifting 6 Movie, Romance, Reconciliation, Series
Royalty-free Music Go For It
Go For It 10 Modern, Corporate, Energetic, Positive, image film, aspiring, motivating, company
Royalty-free Music Got The Guts
Got The Guts 10 Hard, Metal, Rock, Military, cinematic, film score, documentary, reality tv
Royalty-free Music Grand Themes Vol.1
Grand Themes Vol.1 18 Film, Cinema, Trailer, Fantasy, Movies, Adventure
Royalty-free Music Grand Themes Vol.2
Grand Themes Vol.2 10 Film, Cinema, Trailer, Fantasy, Movies, Adventure
Royalty-free Music Groove Attack
Groove Attack 8 Dance, Club, Disco, Dancing
Royalty-free Music Happy Swing
Happy Swing 10 Circus, Weird, cartoon, funny, comedy, chaotic, crazy, clown
Royalty-free Music Hard Electro
Hard Electro 21 Action, Clubbing, Restlessness, Techno
Royalty-free Music Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal 25 Suspense, Guitars, Fight, Toughness, Rock
Royalty-free Music Heroic Orchestra
Heroic Orchestra 8 Film, Heroes, Movies, Adventure
Royalty-free Music High Action
High Action 21 Action, Chase, Fight, Sports
Royalty-free Music Higher Spheres
Higher Spheres 10 Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambient, Emotional, feelings, sentimental
Royalty-free Music Hope & Victory
Hope & Victory 10 Triumph, Epic, Heroic, Emotional, cinematic, sport, success, joy
Royalty-free Music House
House 20 Party, Dance, Fashion, Catwalk, Disco, Clubbind
Royalty-free Music Hybrid Tension
Hybrid Tension 14 Action, Suspense, Battle, Adventure, Movie, Game
Royalty-free Music Hyped Crowds
Hyped Crowds 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, Club, Fun, Radio, Charts, Positive, EDM, celebrate
Royalty-free Music IDs&Jingles Vol.1
IDs&Jingles Vol.1 31 Intro, Commercials, Jingle, Sound Logo, Sound ID
Royalty-free Music IDs&Jingles Vol.2
IDs&Jingles Vol.2 24 Intro, Commercials, Jingle, Sound Logo, Sound ID
Royalty-free Music Jazz Club
Jazz Club 10 Lounge, Jazz, Bar, Latin, noble, grand piano, trio
Royalty-free Music Jazzy Moods
Jazzy Moods 23 Mystery, Jazz, Film Noir, Agents, Retro, Bar, Swing
Royalty-free Music Kids Club
Kids Club 10 Kids, Children, Fun, Play, Happy
Royalty-free Music Latin&Spanish
Latin&Spanish 24 Shopping, Flamenco, Relaxing, Vacation
Royalty-free Music Limitless
Limitless 10 Dance, Electronic, Club, House, Driving, Energetic, EDM
Royalty-free Music Lounge Vol.1
Lounge Vol.1 17 Shopping, Relaxation, Atmospheric
Royalty-free Music Lounge Vol.2
Lounge Vol.2 16 Atmosphere, Club, Relaxation, Bar
Royalty-free Music Massive Orchestra
Massive Orchestra 13 Film, Menace, Darkness, TV, Movie, Horror
Royalty-free Music Massive Trailer Vol.1
Massive Trailer Vol.1 15 Battle, Film, Trailer, Intro, Title, Opening Credits, Fight, Heroes
Royalty-free Music Massive Trailer Vol.2
Massive Trailer Vol.2 14 Suspense, Battle, Film, Trailer, Intro, Title, Opening Credits
Royalty-free Music Medieval
Medieval 2 Medieval, Romantic, Game
Royalty-free Music Meditation
Meditation 12 Atmosphere, Relax, Meditation, Yoga
Royalty-free Music Military
Military 7 Battle, Film, Fight, TV, Movie, Military, Army
Royalty-free Music Military Battle Toolkit
Military Battle Toolkit 12 Action, Battle, War, Epic, Orchestral
Royalty-free Music Modern Suspense
Modern Suspense 23 Suspense, Mystery, Film, Drama, Agents, Movie
Royalty-free Music Modern War
Modern War 9 Action, Suspense, Battle, Film, Trailer, Heroes, War
Royalty-free Music Modern War Vol.2
Modern War Vol.2 10 Action, Suspense, Battle, Trailer, Heroes, Movie, War, Fighting
Royalty-free Music Moon Tune
Moon Tune 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, Club, House, Energy, EDM
Royalty-free Music Movement
Movement 10 Party, Electronic, Club, Dancing, EDM, synthesizer, beats
Royalty-free Music Moving Off Ground
Moving Off Ground 13 Background, Mesmerising, Emotional
Royalty-free Music My New Band
My New Band 13 Party, Rock, Punk, Grunge
Royalty-free Music Native American
Native American 14 Suspense, South America, Amazon, Jungle, Natives
Royalty-free Music New Ideas
New Ideas 10 Modern, Corporate, Positive, image film, aspiring, motivating, company
Royalty-free Music Night Owls
Night Owls 10 Party, Dance, Club, Energy, Dancing, EDM, Celebration, Big Room, Main Stage
Royalty-free Music Night Scenes&Suspense
Night Scenes&Suspense 12 Menace, Sombre, Sinister, Night
Royalty-free Music Noble Nights
Noble Nights 10 Funk, Rock, Retro, ocean's eleven, las vegas, casino, elegant
Royalty-free Music Nostalgia
Nostalgia 10 Calm, Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambient, ethereal, relaxed
Royalty-free Music On The Rise
On The Rise 10 Trailer, Orchestra, Emotional, building, nature, uplifting
Royalty-free Music Orbital Nights Vol.1
Orbital Nights Vol.1 10 Relaxing, Soothing, Flowing
Royalty-free Music Orbital Nights Vol.2
Orbital Nights Vol.2 12 Relaxing, Soothing, Flowing
Royalty-free Music Orbital Nights Vol.3
Orbital Nights Vol.3 13 Relaxing, Soothing, Flowing
Royalty-free Music Orchestra of War Vol.1
Orchestra of War Vol.1 12 Battle, Film, Trailer, Fight, Movie, Medieval
Royalty-free Music Orchestra of War Vol.2
Orchestra of War Vol.2 11 Battle, Film, Trailer, Fight, Movie, Medieval
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Colors
Orchestral Colors 10 Magic, Film, Trailer, Fantasy, Orchestra, Fairy tale
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Dubstep
Orchestral Dubstep 7 Action, Trailer, Energy, Tension, SciFi
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Landscapes
Orchestral Landscapes 11 Travel, Departure, WideOpenSpace
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Orchestral Suspense Vol.1 19 Suspense, Menace, Natives, Danger
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Orchestral Suspense Vol.2 18 Suspense, Menace, Danger, Lurking
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Suspense Vol.3
Orchestral Suspense Vol.3 12 -
Royalty-free Music Orchestral Tales
Orchestral Tales 12 Trailer, Fantasy, Mystic, FairyTale
Royalty-free Music Percussive Action Vol.1
Percussive Action Vol.1 22 Action, Chase, Suspense, Fight
Royalty-free Music Percussive Action Vol.2
Percussive Action Vol.2 15 Action, Chase, Suspense, Fight
Royalty-free Music Piano In The Spotlight
Piano In The Spotlight 10 Calm, Classical, Piano, film music, solo, melancholic, grand piano, intimate, contemplative, Max Richter, Yann Tiersen
Royalty-free Music Piano Moods
Piano Moods 10 Classical, Emotional, Piano, solo, melancholic, reflective, intimate
Royalty-free Music Piano Works
Piano Works 15 Background, emotion, Piano
Royalty-free Music Pop Music Vol.1
Pop Music Vol.1 11 Popmusic, advertising, vocalmusic
Royalty-free Music Pop Tracks Vol.1
Pop Tracks Vol.1 17 TV, Pop, Groove, Commercials
Royalty-free Music Pop Tracks Vol.2
Pop Tracks Vol.2 8 TV, Pop, Groove, Commercials
Royalty-free Music Pop-Rock Vol.1
Pop-Rock Vol.1 12 Pop, Rock, Vocals
Royalty-free Music Popular
Popular 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, House, Energy, EDM, Trance
Royalty-free Music Power Rock
Power Rock 14 Action, Fight, Sports
Royalty-free Music Power Source
Power Source 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, Energy, Pop, Modern, EDM, future bass, young
Royalty-free Music Press Start
Press Start 10 Fast, Electronic, Driving, Sci-Fi, Energetic, dubstep, video game
Royalty-free Music Promotional Vol.1
Promotional Vol.1 18 Background, Shopping, TV, Commercials, Trade Show
Royalty-free Music Promotional Vol.2
Promotional Vol.2 7 Background, Shopping, TV, Commercials, Trade Show
Royalty-free Music Quirky & Fun
Quirky & Fun 10 Circus, Weird, funny, comedy, crazy, clown
Royalty-free Music Relax
Relax 18 Background, Shopping, Relaxation, Sun, New Age
Royalty-free Music Relax & Unwind
Relax & Unwind 10
Royalty-free Music Retro Kitch
Retro Kitch 9 Retro, Chanson, Old-fashioned
Royalty-free Music Retro Synth Vibes
Retro Synth Vibes 10 Retro, synthwave, 80s, synth-pop, Aha, Weeknd, Dua Lipa, synthpop
Royalty-free Music Retro Technology
Retro Technology 10 Retro, synthesizer, 80er, science fiction, 8-bit
Royalty-free Music Rhythm&Blues
Rhythm&Blues 18 Bar, Blues, Swamp Rock, Cajun, Country, Southern USA
Royalty-free Music Ride and Relax
Ride and Relax 5 Relax, Smooth, floating
Royalty-free Music Rock Grounds
Rock Grounds 14 Background, Clubbing, Tension, Heavy
Royalty-free Music Rocktronica
Rocktronica 17 Action, Chase, Suspense, Film, Trailer
Royalty-free Music Rough Grooves Vol.1
Rough Grooves Vol.1 22 Background, Clubbing, Breakbeat
Royalty-free Music Rough Grooves Vol.2
Rough Grooves Vol.2 15 Background, Clubbing, Breakbeat
Royalty-free Music Sci-Fi Noir
Sci-Fi Noir 10 Thriller, Score, pursuit, detective, crime scene, criminal, creepy, investigation, gritty
Royalty-free Music Scoreboard
Scoreboard 10 Jingle, Sport Themes, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Super Bowl
Royalty-free Music Scoring Dramedy
Scoring Dramedy 10 Romantic, Love, Orchestra, film score, melancholic, reflected, nostalgic, melodramatic
Royalty-free Music Serious Business
Serious Business 11 Commercial, Corporate, Event, Inspirational, Energetic, Powerful, Timeless
Royalty-free Music Short Days
Short Days 10 Lounge, Jazz, Relax, Hip Hop, lofi, learn, rest, beats to study to, read, Chill Hop
Royalty-free Music Sinister Machinations
Sinister Machinations 10 Thriller, Dark, creepy, mysterious, horrible, crime, scary
Royalty-free Music Sky Is No Limit
Sky Is No Limit 10 Hard, Metal, Rock, extreme, sport, progressive, electric guitar, drums, compilation
Royalty-free Music Smooth Electro
Smooth Electro 11 Party, Background, Clubbing, Disco, Dancing
Royalty-free Music Smooth Electro Vol.2
Smooth Electro Vol.2 7 Background, Clubbing, Disco, Dancing
Royalty-free Music Smooth Frequencies
Smooth Frequencies 10 Jazz, Retro, Relax, Hip Hop, lofi, learn, study, rest, beats to study to
Royalty-free Music Spherical Mood
Spherical Mood 14 Ambience, Atmosphere, Background, South, Sea
Royalty-free Music Spooky Orchestra
Spooky Orchestra 8 Night, Ghosts, Haunted, Cemetery, Halloween
Royalty-free Music Sports Rock Vol.1
Sports Rock Vol.1 22 Action, Party, Sports, Skateboarding, BMX
Royalty-free Music Sports Rock Vol.2
Sports Rock Vol.2 17 Action, Fight, Sports, Racing, Boxing
Royalty-free Music String Emotions
String Emotions 7 Atmospheric, Asian, India, Strings, world, film score, erhu, esraj, far east, China
Royalty-free Music Summer Pop
Summer Pop 10 Pop, Beach, Rock, Vacation, Emotions, Family, summer, synth pop, relaxed, Feel good, Leisure
Royalty-free Music Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes 10 Party, Dance, Electronic, Energy, Pop, Fresh, dubstep, cool
Royalty-free Music Surf Vol.1
Surf Vol.1 16 USA, Beach, Travel, Tarantino
Royalty-free Music Surf Vol.2
Surf Vol.2 10 USA, Beach, Travel, Tarantino
Royalty-free Music Synesthesia
Synesthesia 10 Inspiration, Melody, Dream, Imagination, Colors
Royalty-free Music Tension Cinema
Tension Cinema 8 Cinema, Movie, Tensious, Epic, Heroic, Orchestral
Royalty-free Music This World
This World 10 Calm, Relaxation, New Age, Meditation, Yoga, East Asia, spa, massage
Royalty-free Music Thrilling Trailer
Thrilling Trailer 10 Suspense, Film, Cinema, Trailer, Epic, Dark, building, cinematic
Royalty-free Music Time For Yourself
Time For Yourself 10 Relaxation, Vacation, Acoustic, Family, nature, reading, promotion
Royalty-free Music Timelapse
Timelapse 10 Travel, Orchestral, Emotions, Emotional, Positive, nature, wide, wonder
Royalty-free Music Timeless Horizons
Timeless Horizons 9 Calm, Relaxation, New Age, Relax, Meditation, East Asia, meditative, spa, massage
Royalty-free Music Traditionals
Traditionals 20 Wedding, Traditionals, Christmas, Classical Music, Concert
Royalty-free Music Trance Pop
Trance Pop 19 Fashion, Shopping, Dancing, Lunge
Royalty-free Music Trance Pop Vol.2
Trance Pop Vol.2 5 Fashion, Shopping, Dancing, Lunge
Royalty-free Music Twisted Trails
Twisted Trails 10 Suspense, Thriller, crime scene, investigation, spy, james bond, agent
Royalty-free Music Ukulele Emotions
Ukulele Emotions 10 Fun, Happy, Acoustic, ukulele, chilled, guitar
Royalty-free Music Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1 19 Film, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Vampires
Royalty-free Music Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2 7 Cinema, Arthouse, Anxiety
Royalty-free Music Uplifting Dance Beats
Uplifting Dance Beats 4 Clubbing, Dancing
Royalty-free Music Uplifting&Positive
Uplifting&Positive 22 Film, Romance, Reconciliation, TVSeries
Royalty-free Music Urban Dreams Vol.1
Urban Dreams Vol.1 9 Lounge, Magical, Beautiful, Dreamy
Royalty-free Music Urban Dreams Vol.2
Urban Dreams Vol.2 10 Lounge, Spherical, Magical, Dreamy, Groove
Royalty-free Music Urban Streets
Urban Streets 10 Dark, Hip Hop, Trap, beats, Gangsta
Royalty-free Music Viral Pop
Viral Pop 10 Pop, Fun, Modern, Fresh, Hip, Charts, Electro Pop, Lifestyle, YouTube, Positive
Royalty-free Music Vlog & Social Media
Vlog & Social Media 10 Lounge, Bar, beats to study to, entspannen, lernen, chillen, Chill-Hop, Vlog
Royalty-free Music Vlog Tunes
Vlog Tunes 10 Lounge, Jazz, Bar, Chill, Hip Hop, lofi, beats to study to
Royalty-free Music Vocal Tracks
Vocal Tracks 10 Pop, Rock, Singing, Opera, Musical
Royalty-free Music Wave & Vice
Wave & Vice 10 Retro, Synths, synthwave, 80's, synth pop
Royalty-free Music Well Told
Well Told 10 Calm, Jazz, Retro, Relax, Hip Hop, learn, study, beats to study to, lo-fi
Royalty-free Music Wellness Vol.01
Wellness Vol.01 12 Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates
Royalty-free Music World Adventure Vol.1
World Adventure Vol.1 19 Film, Movie, Travel, Documentation, Asia, Africa
Royalty-free Music World Adventure Vol.2
World Adventure Vol.2 12 Film, Movie, Travel, Documentation, Africa, Egypt
Royalty-free Music World Anthems
World Anthems 17 Sports, Anthems, Countries
Royalty-free Music World Colors
World Colors 10
Royalty-free Music World Pop
World Pop 19 Africa, Reggae, Spain, Asian, European Folk Music
Royalty-free Music World Tales Vol.1
World Tales Vol.1 16 Travel, Asia, Adventures, Far Away Countries, Arabia
Royalty-free Music World Tales Vol.2
World Tales Vol.2 18 Travel, Asia, Adventures, Far Away Countries, Arabia
Royalty-free Music World Tales Vol.3
World Tales Vol.3 9 Adventure, Travel, Asia, Arabia, Far Countries
Royalty-free Music World Travels Vol.1
World Travels Vol.1 19 Travel, Asia, Africa, Adventures, India, Europe
Royalty-free Music World Travels Vol.2
World Travels Vol.2 13 Travel, Asia, Africa, Adventures, India, Europe
Royalty-free Music X-mas Cinema
X-mas Cinema 10 Christmas, Orchestra, cinematic, film music, Home Alone, John Williams, soundtrack
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