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Sick rock album with lustrous guitars, rich drums and anything to crank up the mood. Music that loves to enthuse, pull you in and grab the spotlight

17 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
To Freedom
ID: KF010401
Album: Alternative Rock
Melodic, hopeful rock track with piano and electric guitars. 03:59
Kaiser Wilhelm
ID: KF010402
Album: Alternative Rock
Cool, riff-based alternative rock track. 02:17
Now Or Never
ID: KF010404
Album: Alternative Rock
High-spirited, hopeful pop rock track. 03:09
Down The Road
ID: KF010405
Album: Alternative Rock
Energetic, blues-influenced rock track. 02:11
Front Breaker
ID: KF010406
Album: Alternative Rock
Fat riffs and nice hooks build this guitar driven, anthemesque indie rock tune. 01:59
Collective Force
ID: KF010407
Album: Alternative Rock
Fast-paced, energetic rock track with some blues influences. 01:39
Go For It
ID: KF010408
Album: Alternative Rock
Positive, upbeat rock track with powerful guitars. 03:18
Rotor Dynamic
ID: KF010409
Album: Alternative Rock
Cool, melodic rock tune with an aggressive, shredded middle part. 02:05
Grill It
ID: KF010410
Album: Alternative Rock
Fast and furious rock tune with powerful guitars - half a minute of energy. 00:33
ID: KF010411
Album: Alternative Rock
Alternative Rock ballad with melodic guitars and a piano. 01:10
ID: KF010412
Album: Alternative Rock
Fast-paced, emotional rock tune, electric guitars paired with synths. 03:29
Catch It
ID: KF010413
Album: Alternative Rock
Stomping, guitar-driven rock track. 00:33
Sunshine Avenue
ID: KF010414
Album: Alternative Rock
Energetic, happy rock track, lively and fast-paced. 02:55
White Shadows
ID: KF010415
Album: Alternative Rock
Powerful, positive rock tune with nice guitar riffs and a synthie hook on top. 02:03
Drown It
ID: KF010416
Album: Alternative Rock
Short, powerful rock track with energetic drums and guitars. 00:31
Easier Than Expected
ID: KF010417
Album: Alternative Rock
Powerful rock track with nice hook line and a fat bass. 02:00
One Too Many
ID: KF010418
Album: Alternative Rock
Heavy, no-excuses rock track with powerful guitars and a synthie bridge. 03:17
17 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration