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Music and film soundtrack Summer Pop

With its pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies, this collection skillfully blends together a variety of high-energy compositions, from rousing and anthemic to stirring and moving. Pop, rock, and synth-pop elements are brought together with piano stabs, electric guitars, and pulsing beats to produce some truly multifaceted and exciting music.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF037601
Album: Summer Pop
The track builds slowly, with layers of guitars, strings, and pads adding to the emotional, uplifting intensity. 02:51
Shine On Us
ID: KF037602
Album: Summer Pop
A poignant and emotional track that features a slow-building piano, lush string pads, and a haunting cello line; kit drums pick up the pace at the climax. 03:01
Come By
ID: KF037603
Album: Summer Pop
This feel-good track shines with a catchy guitar riff and ukulele rhythm; kit drums, a tambourine, and a shaker join in on the jamboree. 02:04
Amazing You
ID: KF037604
Album: Summer Pop
A bright and upbeat track that’s carried along by melodic arpeggios, an energetic four-on-the-floor kick, and a catchy synth pop melody full of excitement and anticipation. 02:14
Treehouse Anthem
ID: KF037605
Album: Summer Pop
This hauntingly beautiful track opens with a slow-paced piano and cello duet and builds into an anthemic and evocative piece full of positive emotions. 03:20
ID: KF037606
Album: Summer Pop
Opening with a foot-tapping piano groove, clapping, and singing, this high-energy track is complete with a driving beat, catchy melodies, and a spirited virtuoso guitar. 02:34
Special Strolls
ID: KF037607
Album: Summer Pop
This moderate-paced track with a bright, pop feel features whistling and kit drums and picks up the energy with a driving electric guitar. 02:50
Cliff Jump
ID: KF037608
Album: Summer Pop
A rising anthemic ballad, the track starts with accented piano stabs and a slow, haunting guitar melody. The rolling rhythm of the drums picks up with an electric guitar and creates a stirring and emotional piece. 02:53
Young Love
ID: KF037609
Album: Summer Pop
A high-energy track celebrating life and love, featuring a wordless chorus, piano stabs and snapping fingers; the track gets more uplifting and infectious as it plays. 02:41
Full Of Life
ID: KF037610
Album: Summer Pop
This synth pop track features melodies on synth and a classic four-on-the-floor retro beat producing an overall upbeat, bright, and optimistic feel. 02:55
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration