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This synth-heavy collection of EDM tracks are sure to get your audience moving and fill them up with positive energy and vibes. Complete with risers, drops, and builds, these booming sounds full of deep bass kicks are perfect for any club scenes, car chases, or other scenarios where you need to inject some energy and break the limits.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF031301
Album: Limitless
High energy and pounding, this four-on-the-floor beat is full of risers and a solid house rhythm. The swooshes upwards develop into an almost march-like hip house beat. 02:25
ID: KF031302
Album: Limitless
Summer vibes lead to a hard synth melody and driving beat with an energetic and bouncy house groove. 02:36
Fly Away
ID: KF031303
Album: Limitless
Soft pads slowly build up to a synth driven club melody, dropping to a more minimalistic house style. The track soon progresses to a more complex and dance-enticing rhythm. 03:22
Night Drive
ID: KF031304
Album: Limitless
Driving keys lead the listener to a shuffle dance rhythm with stabs and pads keeping the groove. The drop brings it back to the basics. 02:36
ID: KF031305
Album: Limitless
The techno lead first makes the track feel like an early genre trance and builds up to fill the hall with electric leads and a sharp-cut groove. 02:28
So Groovy
ID: KF031306
Album: Limitless
This techno beat brings in elements of funk and house to keep things groovy. After the buildup, the audience is left with a complex rhythm of synth horns and an arpeggiator sequence reminiscent of disco. 02:54
Moving Forward
ID: KF031307
Album: Limitless
The track opens with a solid techno melody and quickly builds up the intensity and beat. After the drop, the listener is led to an electronic three-dimensional experience. 02:17
ID: KF031308
Album: Limitless
Starting with soft pads and hats, hints of a lead eventually take over and bring you right into the driving rhythm. The drop gives you a toned-down minimal version with the flavor elements slowly reintroduced in the final buildup. 02:21
New Pulse
ID: KF031309
Album: Limitless
The track begins with early trance elements of a soft triangle arp quickly moving into a lead driven progressive melody. Full of arps, whooshes, and risers, this track will keep the rhythm while easily adjusting the energy of the content. 02:30
ID: KF031310
Album: Limitless
Starting with a pulsing sidechained pad, a complex set of risers builds it up to a full-on progressive trance hit. The energy expands quickly and sustains with layers of driving melody that carries on through the drop. 02:25
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration