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This collection of building tracks leaves the listener full of hope and inspiration, but also a bit sentimental. And yet, each track remains uplifting and encouraging to provide the motivational energy at the speed of life.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Dream And Love
ID: KF031101
Album: Timelapse
An ambient piano piece offering inspiration and solace to all those who listen. It builds after a symbol crash, a heartbeat rhythm from timpani added on. Staccato strings arrive, driving this track from ambient to melodic as legato strings and a choir build up the tension and resolution. 02:41
Light Writing
ID: KF031102
Album: Timelapse
A soft, fleeting piano rides the waves of legato strings. A rhythmic string pattern emerges to carry the listener to the primary introspective melody of heavy cellos and violas. Finally, the violins raise an octave as though making a challenge that the subject will soon overcome. 02:37
Silver Star
ID: KF031103
Album: Timelapse
Atmospheric sounds fade in to a guitar picking arpeggiations with a drum kit quickly entering to raise the energy. Piano and keyboards keep it up in this positive experience full of victories and life. 02:29
ID: KF031104
Album: Timelapse
A downtempo ambient piece led by a basic progression of piano. The tension rises with strings and pads and the thump-thump of timpani. Cymbal splashes and peaceful drones keep things moving and dreamy. 02:56
ID: KF031105
Album: Timelapse
The track opens as a piano ballad accompanied by soft percussion elements. Staccato strings and a high, profound piano melody break into a moving symphony. The conclusion winds down in a piano-led retrospective. 02:42
Faith In People
ID: KF031106
Album: Timelapse
A deep, driving kick leads this spirited guitar melody. The track climaxes with a heavy synth bass and an electric guitar driving the countermelody. The end is minimal, with only an atmospheric repetition of the motive wishing the listener farewell. 02:42
One Step At A Time
ID: KF031107
Album: Timelapse
A dreamy start with a tinkling piano accompanied by shakers builds with a base of strings to raise the hopes of the listener. The track climaxes when the kit drums kick in and the melody is repeated by a more emphatic set of strings. An electric guitar adds with an atmospheric harmony. 02:29
ID: KF031108
Album: Timelapse
A piano plays a piece akin to a children’s lullaby as a splashing cymbal signals the listener that something more complex belies the simplicity. Cue the percussion and the listener is left bobbing their head to the newly introduced rhythm. The percussion leaves and comes in waves, keeping a truly varied sense of movement. 02:49
To Rise
ID: KF031109
Album: Timelapse
Piano etudes introduce the audience to a driving rhythm led by a deep kick and encompassing clap. The track lifts them to another level of positivity and ascendency, signaling to the listeners that it is time to go. 03:18
Big Story
ID: KF031110
Album: Timelapse
Piano and strings present a basic progression that leads to a more mature motive. The progressions carry the track forward in a wave-like manner, the audio tempest rising to a theme of victory and fortitude, de-escalating to return to the beginning motive. 02:23
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration