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Music and film soundtrack Sinister Machinations

The haunting echoes and mysterious tones of industrial beats and weaving drones define the theme of this dark ambient album. Build the mystery of a terrifying crime scene or a suspenseful stalking with haunting piano sequences and driving distorted guitars, electronic rhythms dripping with reverb and dark, stuttered effects.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Long Hallway
ID: KF036401
Album: Sinister Machinations
Haunting tones and drifting effects build up to a reese bass-guided dark ambient sound. 02:29
ID: KF036402
Album: Sinister Machinations
An aggressive, bass-filled beat and distorted guitars forges this industrial ambient track. 02:29
In The Woods
ID: KF036403
Album: Sinister Machinations
With a bouncing bass line influenced by spy movies, this downtempo electronic track is perfect for suspense and thrillers alike. 02:41
Getting Close
ID: KF036404
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark pulsing bass is accentuated by a ticking clock as the time counts down in this cryptic thriller track. 02:35
Shady Places
ID: KF036405
Album: Sinister Machinations
A dark ambient track with haunting echoes and heavy distorted guitar articulations build up a criminal suspense. 02:25
Tears Of The Sun
ID: KF036406
Album: Sinister Machinations
Suspenseful despair frames this ambient track orchestrated with sad tones from violins and piano. 02:41
ID: KF036407
Album: Sinister Machinations
This startling score features a dark, weaving drone and an industrial rhythm that sets the scene of the crime. 02:10
Abandoned House
ID: KF036408
Album: Sinister Machinations
This haunting ambient track contains suspenseful cues and dark, foreboding tones. 02:19
Between Mirrors
ID: KF036409
Album: Sinister Machinations
Electronic sounds and vibes trickle throughout the dark waves of this suspense-burdened ambient track. 02:39
ID: KF036410
Album: Sinister Machinations
Low bass tones encapsulate this dark pulsating track, with an echoing guitar and hollow synth playing the melody. 02:13
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration