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This deliciously sentimental jazz collection has all the takes and improvisations to keep the ear tuned while the soul elevates. With tinkling piano keys and bouncing bass riffs, occasional sax meanderings overlaying kit drums tapping out tricky key signatures, it’s a mix of both experimental and standard grooves. It’s just the right mix of spice to make any project cool.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF035301
Album: Jazz Club
With a distinctly Latin flavor, this track will lift the mood of any audience with its smooth sax and tinkling piano. 02:55
ID: KF035302
Album: Jazz Club
Capturing all the suave groove of a blues standard, this track features a piano, sax, and kit. 02:32
Sweet September
ID: KF035303
Album: Jazz Club
Take a number with this groovealicious jazz piece with an exploratory piano and an easy bass laying down the vibe. 02:50
Blue In Green
ID: KF035304
Album: Jazz Club
A shaker and cymbals lay a soft rhythm for this sweet ballad. 02:28
Late At Night
ID: KF035305
Album: Jazz Club
This romantic ballad is for all the sweet and smooth moments surrounding a lonely, but sentimental scene. 02:26
Bigger Steps
ID: KF035306
Album: Jazz Club
The powerful kit drums accent a profound rhythm for this upbeat jazz take carried by piano and standup bass. 02:33
Trip To Brazil
ID: KF035307
Album: Jazz Club
This bossa nova inspired track is full of energy and celebration; the dancing piano and cheerful shakers ready to add a dose of liveliness to any scene. 02:11
ID: KF035308
Album: Jazz Club
Scales cascading downwards define this contemplative ballad encompassed by piano and kit, with a bass accenting the hits and covering the solo. 02:49
ID: KF035309
Album: Jazz Club
With straightforward kit drums, the piano attacks with a quick progression of sevenths and ninths and then moves into lounge territory. 02:49
Winter's Tale
ID: KF035310
Album: Jazz Club
With all the feel of a bouncing jazz standard, this improvised piece races up and down the piano keys and never loses its cool. 02:27
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration