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Music and film soundtrack Focused

Add weight to your message and focus your audience on what really matters with the powerful, inspiring and highly varied music in this album. Spanning across multiple genres, this collection will strike the right chord consistently.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Motivational Theme
ID: KF031401
Album: Focused
Wake up and let this soft, easy and catchy track inspire you. With clean electric guitar, piano, upbeat drums and a lively undertone. 02:21
Second Approach
ID: KF031402
Album: Focused
Flowing, blending various acoustic instruments, this track sets a high pace; eventually a steel guitar plays a lovely tune while the arrangement gradually builds. Bass, drums are added and increase in rhythmic complexity, until the climax is reached and the track returns to its "humble" beginnings. 02:37
About To Change
ID: KF031403
Album: Focused
Bold start, right out the door. A kick-dominated groove carries the various guitar rhythms while piano chords set the main cadences. Perfect to get one moving and ready for action. 02:22
Ups And Downs
ID: KF031404
Album: Focused
EDM-esque synths and beat introduce this confidently modern track. The pulsating rhythm invites to sway to the beat and the hook will stay in your head, while most other instruments keep a smooth, shining appearance. 02:23
ID: KF031405
Album: Focused
A piano lays down the main chords while a lively guitar tapping sequence adds a very nice double-time feeling. Meanwhile, a crisp beat sets in with a catchy main melody. In the middle, a sassy intermezzo with a nice synthy background promts the track to build up again. 02:12
A Bright Future
ID: KF031406
Album: Focused
A pure, animated orchestral string arrangement starts the track; later legato string melodies join the symphonic journey together with a warm music bed. A lovely, endearing and inspiring piece. 02:25
Home Office
ID: KF031407
Album: Focused
Introducing a simple piano-guitar theme, this track gets progressively groovier until it explodes in a colorful celebration of dance with fat backing synths and a solid kick drum. In the middle, the track makes a cut, returns to its minimal outset and works its back to its epic finale in the end. 02:40
ID: KF031408
Album: Focused
Cold, shiny, rhythmic and immersive. Glockenspiel, high piano, staccato and plucked strings, flutes, and various other elements build a truly magical blend of instrumental interaction. 01:56
ID: KF031409
Album: Focused
Modern, electronic, sunny dance music with an engaging samba beat, featuring a bright pop piano, rhythmic mallets and plucked synths. 02:24
This Is Us
ID: KF031410
Album: Focused
This track combines piano chords with various synth melodies and sequences. Its harmonies carry a confident, hopeful demeanor - ever striving upward and beyond while the timbre remains slightly mellow, even quirky at times. 02:22
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration