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These positive grooves will deliver the right mood to your audience. Filled to the rim with energetic beats, pumping synths, and potent kicks, this collection of dance tracks will keep things moving.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Seven Shades
ID: KF035501
Album: Popular
This nostalgic synthwave track has a groove felt on the dance floors of yesteryear. 02:20
Another Pulse
ID: KF035502
Album: Popular
A high energy dance track with saws found in fitness and dance clubs alike. Perfect for sequences involving pounding the lead. 02:32
High Stakes
ID: KF035503
Album: Popular
Opening with a down tempo drum and bass rhythm, this genre bending future bass track features a powerful call and answer drop and a shimmering, layered percussion. 02:29
ID: KF035504
Album: Popular
Opening with a driving four-on-the-floor kick, this hard-hitting house track features an energetic synth melody and groove that will get people moving. 02:38
ID: KF035505
Album: Popular
The track opens downtempo and full of chill, but picks up in energy after the shuffled kick and twisting synths finish their search for the drop. 02:31
Carry On
ID: KF035506
Album: Popular
With profound drops and shifting stutters, this is a tripping future bass masterpiece with bell synths articulating a reflective move in the build. 02:38
Looking Glass
ID: KF035507
Album: Popular
This track slowly builds with metallic oscillators, joined by a heavy kick. The breaks are absolute with quick rises into drum and bass drops. 02:22
ID: KF035508
Album: Popular
Pumping sidechained synths overlaid with triangle arpeggiations keep things moving in this standard house groove. 02:27
Marathon Run
ID: KF035509
Album: Popular
A cybernetic riff from a planet of race cars opens the track and leads into an understated dance club hit with occasional heavy synth intrusions. 02:21
ID: KF035510
Album: Popular
Buzzing synths and wind-blown effects make for massive builds in this trance club thumper complete with a hot and electric climax. 02:31
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration