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Music and film soundtrack Noble Nights

This funky and rockin’ stock music collection lays down a mean jive with a full-spectrum of soulful energy and generous groove. Without a doubt, your audience will get down listening to the explosive sounds of all the popping horn, slapping bass, and onion-dicing organ featured here. Sprinkled in with some solid heavy rock beats, this genre-spanning album can find its way to a myriad of projects.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Major Deals
ID: KF037301
Album: Noble Nights
An attention grabbing, show-stopping, hard-rocking track ready to raise your project with driving guitars and a solid beat. 02:08
ID: KF037302
Album: Noble Nights
This funk-inspired prog-rock track features a piano melody laid over a bouncing guitar and bass. 02:46
Hot Keys
ID: KF037303
Album: Noble Nights
Keeping the music fat and funky, this track features delicious slabs of popping bass and horns and a fresh jiving electric organ. 02:25
Just A Glimpse
ID: KF037304
Album: Noble Nights
This driving bass, kick drums, and solid strumming clean guitar will pack your projects onto a solid projection upwards. 02:46
Party People
ID: KF037305
Album: Noble Nights
Flashy synths and clanging guitars make for a pumping 80s synth pop track perfect for energetic work outs and anything that needs an energy infusion. 02:10
ID: KF037306
Album: Noble Nights
An unstoppable enterprise of funk, clean guitars, female vocals and horns lay down the groove on this track. 02:35
This Is The Crew
ID: KF037307
Album: Noble Nights
This track really cuts the onions with its funk-infused electric organ and shuffle kit rolling the toms in impressively hopping drum solos. 02:11
ID: KF037308
Album: Noble Nights
Take your money all the way to the parliament with this track of serious funky tones on guitar and strings, with a synth mooging up the vibe to something near disco. 02:13
Constant Change
ID: KF037309
Album: Noble Nights
A hard driving, inspirational melody played out on distorted guitar, vibraphone, guitar arpeggios and kit drums. 02:33
Finally We Won
ID: KF037310
Album: Noble Nights
A post-grunge track with a serious driving rhythm and many variations of guitar playing to fit nearly any mood. 02:30
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration