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Focused on engaging guitar melodies and upbeat rhythms, Acoustic Weekend features inspirational tracks accompanied by bouncing basses, musing violins, and uplifting guitars. Let your audience be inspired in these melodies of friendship and sentiment that make for perfect music for montages and more.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF036501
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Characterized by airy downshifters, this track is led by a deep bass and gently plucking acoustic guitar. 02:34
Summer Sun
ID: KF036502
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a touch of funk, this joyous track is driven by electric guitar and a solid rock drum kit. 03:18
Holding Hands
ID: KF036503
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With gentle acoustic guitar strums and a plucked uplifting melody, this track inspires the downtrodden with promises of friendship and gratefulness. 02:09
ID: KF036504
Album: Acoustic Weekend
This engaging, upbeat medley is led by a strong acoustic guitar rhythm and will surely get the audience clapping along. 02:19
Up The Hill
ID: KF036505
Album: Acoustic Weekend
This downtempo acoustic ballad brings out the feelings of reflectiveness and regret, with hand drums introducing a greater tension. 02:41
Farm Life
ID: KF036506
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Acoustic guitar arpeggiations and gentle strumming lead this relaxed country-style track that picks up with a rock drum kit and chimes. 02:49
Mowing The Lawn
ID: KF036507
Album: Acoustic Weekend
A downbeat rock tune with a fast-picking guitar and an inspirational piano melody. 02:31
A Piece Of Cake
ID: KF036508
Album: Acoustic Weekend
With a steady kit drum beat and clapping hands, this cheerful track is light-hearted and uplifting. 02:20
In Fine Weather
ID: KF036509
Album: Acoustic Weekend
Carried by the dancing of an upright bass, this happy track whistles along with a harmonica and guitar. 02:36
Paper Planes
ID: KF036510
Album: Acoustic Weekend
An energetic track with a sweet bowing violin and a solid beat on kit drums, it’s perfect for nostalgic montages and b-rolls. 02:41
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration