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Music and film soundtrack Go For It

Energetic vibrations keep the pace with this inspirational mix of modern, EDM-inspired tracks. Let these motivational motifs grab the attention of your audience with piano and guitar-led rhythms supported by string beds and pads.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF034101
Album: Go For It
Opening with a guitar rhythm, the track builds up with a four-on-the-floor beat and synths that add a strong melodic house groove. 02:17
Straight Forward
ID: KF034102
Album: Go For It
This energetic electronic track builds quickly with synth arps and a kick, reaching a solid cadence punctuated by pumping pads. 02:17
ID: KF034103
Album: Go For It
A synth melody starts the track, with piano chords setting the pace. It reveals a full techno beat with a beautiful piano sequence at the drop. 02:15
Clear Sky
ID: KF034104
Album: Go For It
Opening with a soft piano interlude and backing strings, the track is joined with a strumming guitar and leads into a slow string-led anthem. 02:11
Back On Track
ID: KF034105
Album: Go For It
A bed of shimmering flutes and piano bring the track into various string-backed motifs of hope and positivity. 02:18
Role Model
ID: KF034106
Album: Go For It
This motivational anthem builds from the start with strings and piano to a crescendo featuring triumphant horns and string arpeggiations. 02:20
The Best Of Us
ID: KF034107
Album: Go For It
A pulsing synth rhythm is joined by a piano, quickly built up by a strong beat of kit drums and synth marimba. 02:19
Fresh Air
ID: KF034108
Album: Go For It
A piano backed by a muted guitar lays down the progression, soon joined by a drum rhythm and synth arpeggiations. A saw synth dials in the energy. 02:17
New Corners
ID: KF034109
Album: Go For It
The positive and energetic track is opened with an electric piano and percussion on rhythm and a synth on melody. After the drop, an electric guitar joins in the action. 02:14
Getting Things Done
ID: KF034110
Album: Go For It
An electric guitar signals the track to begin, bringing in the four-on-the-floor kick and clap, accompanied by a piano keeping up the positive vibes. 02:44
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration