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Adding a dose of futuristic flavor to relaxing guitars and pulsing house beats, this EDM album will shift your audiences into a new time zone of sonic experience. From laid back electronic rhythms to high-energy trap-infused wave anthems, stuttering vocals to house beats, no stone is left unturned for a truly modern mix.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF032401
Album: Colorful Emotions
A sine pluck arpeggiation opens the track and picks up with heavy drums and stutters, with a lively synth-led bridge. 02:28
Into The Deep
ID: KF032402
Album: Colorful Emotions
The progression is enthroned by a repetitive marimba while chanting and vocals laden with classic EDM effects rise into a future bass drop. 02:32
Evening Rain
ID: KF032403
Album: Colorful Emotions
A guitar plucks out the rhythm over a steady rock beat with filters fading in and out the drums to introduce the guitar melody. 02:16
Summer Walk
ID: KF032404
Album: Colorful Emotions
This upbeat track begins as a duet between a plucked acoustic bass and a playful six-string guitar, with a clap holding down the beat. A piano and organ come in to add energy. 02:42
ID: KF032405
Album: Colorful Emotions
With the complex hats and laid back rhythm of trap, this wave track builds up to an epic conclusion. 03:12
ID: KF032406
Album: Colorful Emotions
With vocals and snare marching through the intro, this future bass track is full of chopped vocals and stuttered insight. 02:08
Retro Dance
ID: KF032407
Album: Colorful Emotions
This house track features a piano laying down the progression over smashing snares and a steady four-on-the-floor beat. 02:06
Bonfire Theme
ID: KF032408
Album: Colorful Emotions
Soft kit drums guide this relaxed, electronic guitar ballad with delicate synths and plucking six-strings. 02:08
Feel Emotion
ID: KF032409
Album: Colorful Emotions
This anthemic dubstep hybrid opens with synth plucks setting the rhythm and a sin legato rising above the stuttered effects. 02:37
ID: KF032410
Album: Colorful Emotions
This wave track takes turns between drops with the darker realms of trap and the futuristic stuttered rhythms of dubstep. 02:17
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration