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Music and film soundtrack Box Office Hits

Tease your latest project with all the effects of modern trailer music. Complete with big builds, dynamic bass drops, and machinated effects, this collection will meet the needs of anyone looking for a strong push for their trailer, or a potent, eye-opening soundtrack for their project or presentation.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF035001
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening with a creepy music box, the track punches in the percussion while the string melody and choir create a perfectly frightening atmosphere for your horror production. 02:32
The Conqueror
ID: KF035002
Album: Box Office Hits
Quiet and tense with elements of high strings and throat singings, distant war horns sound while various FX raise the tension in this track perfect for thriller or science fiction projects. 02:44
ID: KF035003
Album: Box Office Hits
Opening strong with a piano arpeggio, the rising piano line and staccato strings make sure the audience knows your thriller is packed with hair raising action. 02:09
Be A Hero
ID: KF035004
Album: Box Office Hits
Mysterious voices and violins call from beyond leading into a string part perfect for your action or fantasy project. 02:01
Chaos Control
ID: KF035005
Album: Box Office Hits
This track begins with a set of tense string arpeggios leading up to a smashing reveal; great for mysteries, inspirational works, and indie action projects. 02:01
Between Worlds
ID: KF035006
Album: Box Office Hits
Starting quiet, this track gets big with a choir and pounding percussion, the various drops and horn builds allow for variable tensions. 03:02
Underground Life
ID: KF035007
Album: Box Office Hits
A long and slow rise featuring strings and synthetic effects, this track carries a tension-filled presentation into a stuttered finale. 02:57
Above Skyscrapers
ID: KF035008
Album: Box Office Hits
The descending string arpeggios and dark horn section keep it dark and tense, with a smashing percussion perfect for navigating both physical and psychological battlefields. 02:29
Cyber Bugs
ID: KF035009
Album: Box Office Hits
Dark whispering, a ticking clock, klaxons, synthetic movements – this tension-filled track pulls the listener through both horrors and dark worlds of science fiction alike. 02:20
ID: KF035010
Album: Box Office Hits
Inspirational, triumphant, motivational, all the sounds and emotions needed to carry the team forward and past the finish line. 02:11
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration