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22 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Dj Love All
ID: KF011201
Album: Dance
Dance music, cool and groovy. Sounds like Jamiroquai and Daft Punk. 02:30
Downbeat Thumpin
ID: KF011202
Album: Dance
90s electro dance track, positive and atmospheric. 02:06
Dance For Me
ID: KF011203
Album: Dance
Electro dance track with a hard beat. Sounds linke a modern Rap / R 'n' B track without lyrics. 01:56
ID: KF011204
Album: Dance
Atmospheric trance / dance track with fast rhythm and interesting synthesizers. 01:35
Silk & Smooth
ID: KF011205
Album: Dance
Minimal dance music - sober but energetic. 02:13
Sweet As Candy
ID: KF011206
Album: Dance
Fast 90s electro dance track with melodic synthesizers. 02:17
Runaway Girl
ID: KF011207
Album: Dance
Energetic electro dance track with fat beats and synthesizers. 02:07
Protect Yourself
ID: KF011208
Album: Dance
Typical electro trance track. Melodic, energetic and positive. 01:57
Paradise Found
ID: KF011209
Album: Dance
Fast dance track with classic trance elements. 02:40
Get Juiced
ID: KF011210
Album: Dance
Hard and heavy dance track. Oriental elements. 01:58
We Are Loud
ID: KF011211
Album: Dance
Cool and modern dance track with vocals and a thrilling mood. 02:02
No Stop Music
ID: KF011212
Album: Dance
Dreamy and atmospheric lounge track underlaid with fast beats. 01:36
ID: KF011213
Album: Dance
90s dance track with relaxing mood and a light melody. 01:02
Percussion Burst
ID: KF011214
Album: Dance
Energetic dance track with rhythmic strings and scratching. 01:07
Green Lights
ID: KF011215
Album: Dance
Loop based R 'n' B / electro track with modern synthesizers. Positive and playful. 02:12
Do Not Forget Me
ID: KF011216
Album: Dance
Driving positive and motivating electro sound with nice melody and cool beats. 02:42
Techoid Loft
ID: KF011217
Album: Dance
Groovy dance and lounge track with bongo, electric piano and electric guitar. 02:07
ID: KF011218
Album: Dance
A dreamy dance mix with bongo sounds. Relaxed atmosphere. 01:56
Highheel Groove
ID: KF011219
Album: Dance
Cool house track with fast and groovy rhythm and catchy melody. 02:08
Livid Bass
ID: KF011220
Album: Dance
A relaxed lounge and dance track with some bongo sounds. 02:25
Beautys Beast
ID: KF011221
Album: Dance
Dance track with bright electric piano sounds. Playful and light. 02:09
Easy Driving
ID: KF011222
Album: Dance
Dance track with electronic melody and a groovy electric guitar. 02:05
22 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration