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Music and film soundtrack Time For Yourself

This soft and relaxing collection of tranquil guitar ballads and stirring melodies will pull your audience out into the sun. The tracks feature delicate percussion lines, soft synths, and ethereal atmospheres.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Beach House
ID: KF033001
Album: Time For Yourself
A calm, acoustic soiree with a soothing guitar lead that drifts along and subtly builds an emotional tension that is then released in the chorus. 02:16
ID: KF033002
Album: Time For Yourself
A light, emotional piece with a steady acoustic melody and an empathetic lead, nestled into a bed of backing synths that draws the listener into scenes of contemplation and reflection. 02:22
Writing A Book
ID: KF033003
Album: Time For Yourself
A lush acoustic guitar starts off a dynamic journey, gaining momentum with strings and intimate percussive snaps sure to elevate any emotional scene. 02:13
ID: KF033004
Album: Time For Yourself
An intricate acoustic fingerpicking melody accompanied by a delicate bongo percussion and steady strings to enhance the sentiment of the scene. 02:00
Bikes And Pools
ID: KF033005
Album: Time For Yourself
The acoustic lead guitar melody tells a compelling story, supported by a backline of bass and drums with an optional whistle layer that adds a subtle care-free flavor. 02:04
In Your Mind
ID: KF033006
Album: Time For Yourself
Piano and strings set a harrowing tone, while layers of acoustic guitar and powerful rhythmic percussions work to lighten the mood. 02:27
Those Were The Days
ID: KF033007
Album: Time For Yourself
Dreamy electric guitar riffs work together with an acoustic rhythm and a deep bassline, building a calm sense of anticipation. 01:57
ID: KF033008
Album: Time For Yourself
A reassuring acoustic picking melody opens the door as the lead guitar tells the tale, accompanied by airy synths, a brooding bassline, and a thumping kick drum providing a heartbeat. 02:07
Spa Day
ID: KF033009
Album: Time For Yourself
A lush landscape driven by acoustic riffs and melodies, with a jumping bass and swelling strings that lead to a place of contentment and satisfaction. 01:58
Time Out
ID: KF033010
Album: Time For Yourself
Tender synths play against acoustic riffs to create an ethereal atmosphere, leading the way to a steady percussive chorus that keeps the scene moving forward. 02:31
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration