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Music and film soundtrack Hope & Victory

Inspire your audience with tracks from this album of premium orchestral music, bringing encouraging progressions and rousing emotions to a full crescendo. Listeners will be uplifted by these heavenly beds of strings, choir-backed motivational progressions, and stirring horn movements.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Become A Legend
ID: KF032101
Album: Hope & Victory
This motivational track begins with a positive piano progression and builds to a full orchestra and choir, before settling on a soft, piano led denouement. 02:40
Once In A Lifetime
ID: KF032102
Album: Hope & Victory
A pattern of positive strings opens the track, directly leading into a choir-backed ode to once in a lifetime opportunities. 02:42
ID: KF032103
Album: Hope & Victory
Opening with droning strings, this oceanic track builds to a piano-led anthem of triumph, closing with a peaceful violin sonatina. 02:52
Final Straights
ID: KF032104
Album: Hope & Victory
The track leads with a soft, inspiring bed of strings, led by gentle piano plucks. Horns come in to further raise the mood and tempo, as choir and percussion bring it to the homeward stretch. 02:11
Feels Like Home
ID: KF032105
Album: Hope & Victory
A nostalgic progression of strings, accompanied by French horns and piano, lead the listener to a timpani build and melody led by a plucked harp, signaling the percussion, horns, and staccato violins to further build the rhythm. 02:28
Capturing The Distance
ID: KF032106
Album: Hope & Victory
The track opens with a reflection by a violin, though a piano moves in quickly to build the pace along with the percussion and string sections. Choir pads fill in the spaces when the tension builds. 02:11
The Golden Path
ID: KF032107
Album: Hope & Victory
Gentle pads of strings and horns move in rolling waves, building with choirs and tubular bells. 02:46
Confidence Will Always Remain
ID: KF032108
Album: Hope & Victory
An upbeat rhythm of staccato strings introduces this optimistic progression, soon accompanied by choir and percussion. The track segways to a triumphant blast of horns, accented by tubular bells. 02:32
Story Of My Life
ID: KF032109
Album: Hope & Victory
The track begins with a soft drone and a piano marking out an inspirational progression. The false start ends with kit drums and a rhythmic piano part, overlaid by a violin bowing out an uplifting tantra. 03:07
Cheerful Orb
ID: KF032110
Album: Hope & Victory
A piano and operatic voice are laid out over a drone, shifting the piece into a triumphant tribute, pushed by uplifting horns and glittering harps. 01:58
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration