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Inject the groove into your audience\'s mood with this collection of positive melodies. The album is laced with upbeat rhythms, inspiring guitar and electric piano grooves, and dance beat kicks.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
To Be In Time
ID: KF030801
Album: Endless Summer
The positive vibes are introduced by a guitar strum and four-on-the-floor beat. The synth kicks in, keeping the spirit light and moving. A deep bouncing bass counts the rhythm forward. 02:05
Let's Dance
ID: KF030802
Album: Endless Summer
The track launches with an electric piano rhythm that's quickly augmented by a kick and a clap. Though a synth keeps the track lighthearted, it remains with high energy and full of nostalgic sounds. 02:21
ID: KF030803
Album: Endless Summer
A guitar rhythm opens this downtempo track with a groovy melody played on an electric piano. The bass picks up the rhythm, though the track remains relaxed as a perfect, laid-back atmospheric. 02:21
Time To Relax
ID: KF030804
Album: Endless Summer
School's out and it's time to relax and dance at the poolside. This fun-in-the-sun rhythm of synths and kicks brings back memories of better times and hopes for the good times to come. 02:05
Beneath The Palm Trees
ID: KF030805
Album: Endless Summer
An electric piano kicks off the track's positive progression, joined quickly by a synth and a downtempo four-on-the-floor beat. Various percussion and sidechaining bring up the energy half-way through, though still keeping everything relaxed. 02:48
Chasing Sunsets
ID: KF030806
Album: Endless Summer
A guitar arpeggiation lays down this nostalgic groove. It's soon accompanied by a kick shuffle and various sweeps and swooshes until after the drop when a solid kick is introduced. 02:22
Crazy Girl
ID: KF030807
Album: Endless Summer
A classic synth dance rhythm crescendos in, soon joined by an upbeat melody and a four-on-the-floor kick. The track is a full audio montage of sunny themes and dance clubs full of bright disco lights. 02:11
ID: KF030808
Album: Endless Summer
The track opens with a positive pad line and breaks into a happy rhythm and synth melody. Vibes replace the synths as the percussion parts stir up more energy. 02:39
Sunday Chill
ID: KF030809
Album: Endless Summer
Guitar picks and melodies interlaced with an upbeat rhythm and sweeps are the theme of this track. Prepare to chill out to maximum positive vibes and energy. 02:07
Morning Motivation
ID: KF030810
Album: Endless Summer
A line of pads leads the listener into an atmosphere of expectation and hope. After the first drop, the synth melody comes in with the kick, shuffling into a new week. 02:25
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration