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Music and film soundtrack String Emotions

A compilation of tracks, which are mainly influenced by the ethnic string instruments used, Erhu and Esraj, but always surprise with new moods and sounds.

7 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Nature Recovers
ID: KF032001
Album: String Emotions
Wide, ethnic strings with soft pads come to a climax and connect with the whole orchestra in an emotional melody. A cinematic, carrying and melancholic track with strings in focus. 01:59
The Banners Of Quin
ID: KF032002
Album: String Emotions
Ethnic strings in front of crystalline, shimmering pads and fine guitar increase to a powerful track with prominent drums and electronic elements. 02:26
Cultural Encounter
ID: KF032003
Album: String Emotions
Ethnic strings in front of warm pads and fine, percussive elements form a cinematic scene with a gradual build-up. 01:47
Age Of Aquarius
ID: KF032004
Album: String Emotions
Quiet pads and subtle sound design feature smooth and warm ethnic strings in the foreground. A calm and cinematic track. 02:30
Memories Of Home
ID: KF032005
Album: String Emotions
This track is characterized by an emotional ethnic string melody, accompanied by orchestra and mallet instruments. 01:04
A Dream About The World
ID: KF032006
Album: String Emotions
Expressive ethnic strings in front of powerful, synthetic pads increase to an emotional outburst with drums. 01:17
ID: KF032007
Album: String Emotions
This track features expressive ethnic strings and percussive EDM elements, synthetic arpeggios and, later, powerful DubStep leads. 02:16
7 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration