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Royalty Free Music Album Promotional Vol.1

The music library Promotional Vol.1 with high-quality stock music

Music and film soundtrack Promotional Vol.1

Emotional and uplifting. Straight forward and yet soulful. Pop tracks for the next spot, trailer or corporate movie.

18 Tracks Title Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Versus TV
ID: KF014701
Album: Promotional Vol.1
This pop track starts off pretty quiet and relaxed and transforms immediately into a powerful rock track. 02:02
Angel Hope
ID: KF014702
Album: Promotional Vol.1
This promo-track awakes the spirit of adventure and companionship. electric guitar accompanied by modern percussion and synthies. 01:43
ID: KF014703
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Short, easy pop track. Relaxed synthie and bass groove with an overlay of chimes. 00:45
Upright Shine
ID: KF014704
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Modern, energetic pop track with electric piano, electric guitar and strings. 01:42
Rising Chords
ID: KF014705
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A modern, emotional rock track with a strong electric guitar. 01:49
Sports At Best
ID: KF014706
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A modern track with electric piano and electric guitar. Apears powerful and thoughtful at the same time. 01:40
Rise People Rise
ID: KF014707
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Electric guitar track, bringing to mind the thought of solidarity and overcoming obstacles together. Altogether positive and hopeful. 01:47
Corporate Tones
ID: KF014708
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Positive track with electric piano and electric guitar, rock-like and powerful. 01:56
Rock Identity
ID: KF014709
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Piano track accompanied by electric guitar and drums. Calm beginning and rocking final. 01:28
ID: KF014710
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Energetic, happy music with orchestra, playful piano and string play. 01:37
Muted Tunes
ID: KF014711
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Sensitive pop-rock track with strings and electric guitars, starting calmly and thoughtfully, and ending in furious rock. 01:57
Talking Point
ID: KF014712
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Sensitive, gentle orchestra music with acoustic guitar and light synthies. Melancholic and thoughtful. 02:05
Tried & True
ID: KF014713
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Gentle, hopeful track for strings, electric guitar and synthies. Easy and relaxed. 01:47
Tone Drops
ID: KF014714
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Piano and guitar. The track starts gentle and thoughtful. After the midway point of the song, energetic drums set in. 01:36
City Lights
ID: KF014715
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A positive pop track with a bright piano melody, creating a gentle, uplifting mood. 02:04
Good Times
ID: KF014716
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Melodic pop-rock track with sensitive electric guitar and piano accompaniment. 02:45
Up There
ID: KF014717
Album: Promotional Vol.1
A soft piano track with quiet strng accompaniment and a sensitive guitar. Positive and romantic. 01:53
Goal Oriented
ID: KF014718
Album: Promotional Vol.1
Motivating, positive track with strings, brass and piano. 02:05
18 Tracks Title Description Duration