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Music and film soundtrack #Weekendvibes

This mix of ambient and urban styles mostly keep a positive vibe with an otherwise modern edge, taking us across rainy city streets into a world of oceanic sunsets and beachside lounges.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF031001
Album: #Weekendvibes
The track opens with a gentle breeze of drums. A drifting keyboard brings images of a grand piano being played over the seaside under a full moon, with successive waves of chilling out. 02:34
Cherry Box
ID: KF031002
Album: #Weekendvibes
A pulsating pad introduces heavily filtered drums with an electric piano. It picks up with a light synth lead, rising to a drop that rebuilds from the arpeggiation of a light music box. 02:18
A Brief Moment
ID: KF031003
Album: #Weekendvibes
A piano softly plays a questioning but optimistic melody that is soon broken up by a light electric drum rhythm. The track is carried off by the piano with a guitar gently mimicking the playing, with a rising positivity before it fades. 03:34
ID: KF031004
Album: #Weekendvibes
A sine wave arpeggiation opens up this groove-laden track, built up by an urban beat and a clean, harpsichord-like electric guitar rhythm. The drums filter down into a steamy syncopation as frequencies intersect, searching for the right pattern. 02:19
In The Fields
ID: KF031005
Album: #Weekendvibes
Spaced-out reversed pads along with a mysterious arpeggiation carry you out across the fields of a deep bass groove and four-on-the-floor beat. An almost military-like snare reminds the listener of a deep loss. 03:10
ID: KF031006
Album: #Weekendvibes
This jazzy electric piano picks up the groove as a blended flute/trumpet sound pipes in the missing parts of a melody. After the drop, it picks up with a straight bass and a super chilled EP vibe. 02:29
ID: KF031007
Album: #Weekendvibes
Stay awake to these dreamy pads as the sound of a steel guitar taps into the night. A deep bass picks up with a scratchy rhythm glitching across the soundscape. It closes with a quiet, optimistic melodic appeal to the morning. 02:29
Simple Choice
ID: KF031008
Album: #Weekendvibes
The track opens directly into a boom-bap chill-out beat and a bass line that keeps people looking up to simply higher spiritual places. An electric piano busts out a funk-induced rhythm while a guitar wails out its responses. 02:30
Space Work
ID: KF031009
Album: #Weekendvibes
Cosmic pads bring you into a lower frequency boom-bap beat founded on a deep bass groove. Soft clanks and echoes ground alien moods down to earth. 03:07
Air Wave
ID: KF031010
Album: #Weekendvibes
A timorous bass lays down the track built up by a smooth electric piano bringing it to life along with a boom-bap beat. The track drops and the bass shakes the air waves while the piano slides into a mysterious melody. 02:33
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration