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25 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Nail Fight
ID: KF013201
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard-rock track with driving electric guitar riffs and energetic drum accompaniment. 01:32
ID: KF013202
Album: Heavy Metal
Energetic metal track, stomping half-time passages and a rapid thrash part. 01:37
ID: KF013203
Album: Heavy Metal
Metal track with solo electric guitar, aggressive riffs and intense drums. 01:35
Flames Of Fire
ID: KF013204
Album: Heavy Metal
At first, slow and rather thoughtful thrash track, increasing in speed and aggression. 02:23
Fingers Twisted
ID: KF013205
Album: Heavy Metal
Speed-metal track with harshly threshed drums and heavy guitar shreds. 02:14
Tunnel System
ID: KF013206
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive metal track with rapid electric guitar riffs and some electronic influence. 02:14
Steel Vest
ID: KF013207
Album: Heavy Metal
An energetic, aggressive heavy metal track, with a more quiet middle section. 02:43
Contact Wire
ID: KF013208
Album: Heavy Metal
Harsh metal track with aggressive electric guitars, energetic and threatening drums and some electro parts. 02:15
Junction Box
ID: KF013209
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard, aggressive electric guitars and metallic synthies combined within an energetic action track. 02:28
Brain Bracket
ID: KF013210
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard, fast old school metal, intense and thick. 01:47
Fundamental Force
ID: KF013211
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, heavy rock track with groovy drums and calm, spheric interlude. 02:54
Bruise It
ID: KF013212
Album: Heavy Metal
A driving, aggressive track with energetic electric guitars and a very fast, thrilling rhythm. 01:34
V Power Unit
ID: KF013213
Album: Heavy Metal
Metal track with aggressive, fast electric guitars and a melodic, energetic ending. 01:46
Drive Shaft
ID: KF013214
Album: Heavy Metal
Thrash track with rapid drums and polyphonic electric guitars. Very aggressive. 01:42
Drum Race
ID: KF013215
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, persistent heavy metal with fast electric guitars and rapid drums. 01:31
Possessiveness And Torment
ID: KF013216
Album: Heavy Metal
A hard, aggressive rock track with resounding and rapid drums. 01:24
Torment Breaker
ID: KF013217
Album: Heavy Metal
A thrilling, aggressive rock track, with energetic electric guitars and electro interludes. 02:03
Metal Drum Constructor
ID: KF013218
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, rapid heavy metal track with hard electric guitars and fast drums. 02:04
Drum Metal Junk
ID: KF013219
Album: Heavy Metal
Aggressive, rapid metal track with a slow and thoughtful intro. 02:08
Death Doors
ID: KF013220
Album: Heavy Metal
Very fast and aggressive metal track with melodic guitars, with sirens in between. 01:29
Peak Attack
ID: KF013221
Album: Heavy Metal
Heavy metal track with hard and fast rhythm, the electric guitar is virtually shredding the air. 01:32
Main Infusion
ID: KF013222
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard metal with very fast electric guitars and aggressive drums. 01:37
Rise High
ID: KF013223
Album: Heavy Metal
Rapid rock sound with heavy metal character, aggressive and threatening. 01:31
Super Force
ID: KF013224
Album: Heavy Metal
A hard rock track, spurring on and intimidating. Very fast. 01:29
Ultra Pace
ID: KF013225
Album: Heavy Metal
Dynamic and aggressive, a metal-riff from beginning to end. 01:29
25 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration