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Music and film soundtrack Beyond The World

Embrace the ethereal plane with this collection of heavenly ambiences. Nostalgic, dark, introspective, mysterious – these tracks nail down every emotion that long drones and trickling plucks can stir.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF035201
Album: Beyond The World
An ocean of synths slowly builds to a climactic finish with electronic percussion and resonant filters. 02:26
First Contact
ID: KF035202
Album: Beyond The World
Filter-shifting pads and a stuttered kick deliver messages to the beyond. 02:43
ID: KF035203
Album: Beyond The World
Soft echoes of plucked guitar strings create a wide, otherworldly soundscape as a piano plays an introspective discourse over deep, thoughtful kicks. 03:41
ID: KF035204
Album: Beyond The World
A distant, heavily filtered synth plays out the progression over a deep, drawn-out bass. 02:34
ID: KF035205
Album: Beyond The World
Long, unstable synths create the underlying tension in this ambient track carried by intriguing string arpeggiations and synth percussions. 03:06
ID: KF035206
Album: Beyond The World
Distant feelings traverse a void between glitched effects to create an ethereal and blissful soundscape. 03:04
Personal Space
ID: KF035207
Album: Beyond The World
An overwhelmingly deep, low frequency bottom drives the track while upper frequency percussions echo across the zone of perception. 02:40
Much To Be Done
ID: KF035208
Album: Beyond The World
This LoFi track is driven by a filtered piano playing a progression over a crackling vinyl effect while an EP plays out a jazzy riff. 03:02
Shining In The Night
ID: KF035209
Album: Beyond The World
High, distant glides and rippling plucks help to define this relaxed ambient track full of positive vibes. 02:54
All That Was Forgotten
ID: KF035210
Album: Beyond The World
Soft and ethereal pads with a gentle guitar strum open this introspective ambience full of light and lost memories. 03:11
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration