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Music and film soundtrack Twisted Trails

This collection of hybrid cinematic tracks is the right combination of mysterious and thrilling, compelling your audience to keep asking questions and stay in their seats. The album matches the concept of a true original motion picture soundtrack, unfolding piece by piece, to allow you to easily find the right scene that fits your need. These tracks include pulsing bass lines, tension-building string pads, popping desperado guitars, and espionage-flavored melodies.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF032801
Album: Twisted Trails
This tension-filled hybrid cinematic piece is characterized by a pulsing bass line and drawn cello pulls. 02:40
Riddle Theme
ID: KF032802
Album: Twisted Trails
Soft synth drums lay the bed under a piano that asks more questions than it answers. 02:21
A Storm Is Coming
ID: KF032803
Album: Twisted Trails
This synth-driven cinematic piece pulses the tension with 80s-inspired drums and piano interludes. 02:04
Around Every Corner
ID: KF032804
Album: Twisted Trails
A distant horn plays the melody over a rumbling drone, while various elements join in to raise the tension. 02:19
We Are Busted
ID: KF032805
Album: Twisted Trails
Clockwork percussion, drums, synths, and guitars open this high-energy action sequence track. The track is accentuated by intense pizzicato strings and a rising horn section. 02:17
Lost Signal
ID: KF032806
Album: Twisted Trails
A gentle guitar plays arpeggiations over mysterious string and vocal lines. 02:18
Secret Lab
ID: KF032807
Album: Twisted Trails
Soft chimes set a mysterious mood. A heavy, brooding bass carries the track, with the melody interlaced by guitar, horns, and strings. Perfect for a spy thriller. 02:47
Laser Trip Wire
ID: KF032808
Album: Twisted Trails
A tense and energetic bass line carries the track, while a synth piano lays down a very spy-centered melody. 02:32
The End Of The Road
ID: KF032809
Album: Twisted Trails
The track opens with a slow piano question over a droning bass and strings. A slight touch of synth arpeggios delicately plays in waves. 02:08
ID: KF032810
Album: Twisted Trails
A pulsing synth line pushes this dark cinematic track with heavy drums and bright side-chained supersaws; strings weave the melody. 02:19
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration