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From lighthearted and carefree to sorrowful and introspective, this piano album evokes a broad spectrum of emotions. Whether you\'re doing a film, podcast, or other media production, the music will fit the bill with its intimate and personal vibe thanks to its simple arrangements. This compilation is perfect for most professional uses, with its blend of hypnotic, melancholy melodies and moments of brightness.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF038701
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
Ideal for moving film scenes or reflective moments, this solo piano piece has an enthralling melody that can make listeners feel a wide range of emotions. 02:10
Broken Spirit
ID: KF038702
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A heartfelt piano nocturne sets a poignant and emotional mood, perfect for romantic film scenes and genuine storytelling. 02:06
Blank Canvas
ID: KF038703
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
An upbeat and expressive piano piece that conveys the feelings of happiness and contemplation. 02:27
Emergency Call
ID: KF038704
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This atmospheric composition is a somber and moving duet between piano and strings that leads into a touching finale. 02:23
Her Fantasy
ID: KF038705
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
Elegant and introspective, this piano composition exudes an air of refined contemplation. 02:39
Silver Bike
ID: KF038706
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A reflective and at times playful melody featuring solo piano, creating a serene and contemplative mood, ideal for playful film scenes and heartfelt moods. 02:12
ID: KF038707
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
A pensive solo piano nocturne that creates a thoughtful, nostalgic mood. 02:17
Coronation Of The King
ID: KF038708
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This solo nocturne with rippling arpeggios and gentle progression drifts across waves of memories and reflections. 02:47
Every Journey
ID: KF038709
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This somber solo piano composition has the gentle melody development of a lullaby but without the melodic flourishes. 02:11
Child's Play
ID: KF038710
Album: Piano In The Spotlight
This lively thematic scherzo has lines influenced by jazz and is somewhat reminiscent of a place where everyone knows your name. 02:12
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration