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This exciting synth wave album encapsulates the essence of the genre through driving basslines, arpeggiated synths, and pulsing electronic rhythms. Blending horror-inspired melodies, danceable pop tunes, and epic science fiction adventure themes, the album evokes nostalgia for the 80s while also depicting dystopian urban soundscapes. From melancholic contemplation to neon-soaked anthems, the tracks feature a range of moods and emotions that can underscore media projects or simply transport listeners.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Mellow Nights
ID: KF038101
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
A pumping synth pad pushes the four-on-the-floor beat that drives this synth wave track into the sunset. 02:13
Meshes And Grids
ID: KF038102
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Epic 8-bit synth melodies and electronic beats capture the essence of 80s arcades. 02:32
Time X
ID: KF038103
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Solid, repeating pulse waves with synthesized arpeggios capture the essence of a dark, dystopian future. 03:06
ID: KF038104
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
A pulsing synth bass and high synth melody evoke driving down the neon lit streets of a cyberpunk cityscape. 02:26
ID: KF038105
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Ethereal minor key synth pads convey a somber, melancholic mood while a wavering synth solo brings a sense of forlorn hope. 03:29
ID: KF038106
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Analogue bass and retro drum machine rhythms depict an urban landscape in the future of the past. 02:22
Space Hero
ID: KF038107
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Futuristic synth leads with a definite 80s progression and mood inspire feelings of a retro epic sci-fi adventure. 02:15
ID: KF038108
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Relying on an intense bass-driven nostalgic dance groove, this synthpop track features spacey arpeggios and pads and an epic synth lead. 03:24
ID: KF038109
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Beginning with a horror-inspired flashback, this track hits all the 80s bases of popping basses and dancing square pads. 02:52
Team Spirit
ID: KF038110
Album: Retro Synth Vibes
Punchy bass synths and driving drum machines evoke cruising down a rain-washed road at night while pulsing synth pads relay a sense of onward motion. 02:23
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration