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These rousing and inspirational tracks pull on the audience\'s heart strings and hopes. Accompany your projects with these encouraging orchestral pieces, full of violin arpeggios and triumphant horns, and capture just the right optimistic mood for your message.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF033201
Album: Blockbuster
A slowly building inspirational orchestral track, driven by a slow progression led by piano and horns, exploding with a choir-led melody. 02:22
King Of The Sea
ID: KF033202
Album: Blockbuster
String arpeggios lead this motivational track alongside pounding timpanis and blasting horns. 02:06
ID: KF033203
Album: Blockbuster
Opening with a slow organ progression, this inspiring melody reluctantly builds with the help of kit drums and electric guitars. 02:53
ID: KF033204
Album: Blockbuster
A music box plays arpeggios while a piano covers the melody to the beat of a kit drum and accompaniment of a violin, with strings laying a soft bed of sound. 02:23
ID: KF033205
Album: Blockbuster
Violins and piano play an ennobling progression, interrupted by plucked strings and a quick piano arpeggiation. 02:22
Best Day
ID: KF033206
Album: Blockbuster
An encouraging fast-paced track pushed by timpani rolls and cymbal crashes. Horns blast out the melody and harmony, with a piano picking up after the drop. 02:58
Far Off
ID: KF033207
Album: Blockbuster
String arpeggiations and a solid tambourine-led beat define this serious and motivational track that starts with just a music box and piano. 02:31
New Heights
ID: KF033208
Album: Blockbuster
This uplifting track is led by an energetic harmony and legato melody played on violins, handed off to bells and chimes. 02:32
ID: KF033209
Album: Blockbuster
This soft ambient track fills the listener with a since of disquiet and searching. A piano plays the pensive melody and progression over a bed of synth strings. 04:09
Hidden Treasure
ID: KF033210
Album: Blockbuster
A kit drum pushes an inspiring melody played by a clean electric guitar. A bed of synths sets the foundation on which a violin plucks out background arpeggios. 03:15
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration