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Music and film soundtrack Action Orchestra

A thrilling album with 19 tracks full of action and suspense. Heavy rock elements mixed with dramatic orchestra and rough grooves.

19 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Percussive Curse
ID: KF010201
Album: Action Orchestra
Hounded percussion and hammering piano in a dramatíc orchestral action piece. 02:15
Iron Rabbit
ID: KF010202
Album: Action Orchestra
Percussion-heavy orchestral action track featuring fast string runs and fierce brass. 01:09
Lost Power
ID: KF010203
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic action track, vehement orchestra accompanied by large choir. 01:01
Arabian Pirate
ID: KF010204
Album: Action Orchestra
Short, dramatic orchestral piece with oriental leanings. 00:47
ID: KF010205
Album: Action Orchestra
Electronic beats and a fierce orchestra in a fast-paced action track. 01:19
Chasing The Mole
ID: KF010206
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced, menacing action piece interspersed with a duduk and oriental vocals. 03:16
Conquer The Sky
ID: KF010207
Album: Action Orchestra
Send a call to arms with this dramatic, brass laden orchestral action track. 02:06
Get The Grip
ID: KF010208
Album: Action Orchestra
Quiet, eerie passages alternating with dramatic, beat- and brass-heavy action sequences. 01:35
Ethnic Fights
ID: KF010209
Album: Action Orchestra
Menacing, exotic percussion-laden orchestral action piece. 01:04
ID: KF010210
Album: Action Orchestra
Short and to the point, the perfect introduction to a spy thriller. 00:26
Active Girls
ID: KF010211
Album: Action Orchestra
Action piece with stabbing brass hits and fast-paced string runs. 00:36
No Trespassing
ID: KF010212
Album: Action Orchestra
Eerie, menacing action piece with high-range strings and a driving groove. 01:28
ID: KF010213
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic military action track with an energetic snare rhythm. 02:01
Abort The Mission
ID: KF010214
Album: Action Orchestra
Melodic, powerful action piece, orchestra accompanied by a fast drum groove. 02:06
Street Collision
ID: KF010215
Album: Action Orchestra
Suspenseful action piece, orchestra, heavy percusision and electric guitar shreds. 02:04
Special Unit
ID: KF010216
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic orchestral rock piece with shredding guitars, heavy brass and electronic beats. 02:05
Showdown In The Air
ID: KF010217
Album: Action Orchestra
Fast-paced action piece with vibrant strings and bustling percussion parts. 01:59
Modern Chase
ID: KF010218
Album: Action Orchestra
Dramatic orchestral action track with heavy brass and a fast-paced rhythm. 02:07
Spinning Combat
ID: KF010219
Album: Action Orchestra
Electronic grooves and large orchestra meet in a powerful, dramatic piece. 01:18
19 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration