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16 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF011701
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A dramatic, threatening orchestra track with choir and droning brass. 01:05
Run Down
ID: KF011702
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A menacing, agitated orchestral track with lots of action and drama. 02:15
Escape From The Void
ID: KF011703
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Energetic, positive film music full of fantasy. With a large orchestra. 01:28
Silver Starter
ID: KF011704
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Powerful orchestra accompanied by am energetic choir. 01:18
ID: KF011705
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A dramatic, powerful orchestral piece for epic battles and combats. Accompanied by choir. 01:26
Platinum Steel
ID: KF011706
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic and very energetic orchestra track with roaring trumpets, timpani, percussion and flutes. 01:33
Orchestral Action
ID: KF011707
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
The music is divided into rhythmic parts, alternating between rushed menace and lurking tension. 05:06
Take Action
ID: KF011708
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A powerful orchestra track, energetic and versatile. 02:31
Hunting The Clown
ID: KF011709
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Playful but very powerful track. Orchestra driven by military rhythm. Has many percussive elements. 01:16
Cat Run
ID: KF011710
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An enchanting chase with magical obstacles. Orchestra and accordeon. 02:08
Tortuga Dreams
ID: KF011711
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Dramatic film music for fights and adventures. 01:40
Army Of Shades
ID: KF011712
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Sinister Fantasy-Action-track with massive brass, evil choirs and marching drums. 02:13
59 Seconds
ID: KF011713
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Rapid orchestra track, the perfect wild chase. Lots of energetic brass, flutes, timpani and strings combined into a breathless, thrilling composition. 01:58
Kingdom Pt.1
ID: KF021714
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
Fantastic orchestra music, starts dreamy and emotional, suddenly rushs to an epic finale and fade out smooth in the end. 02:04
Kingdom Pt.3
ID: KF021715
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
A powerful orchestral piece with a smooth beginning, perfect for epic battles. 02:43
Kingdom Pt.4
ID: KF021716
Album: Dramatic Orchestra
An increasing orchestra track with playful strings, accompanied by a choir. 02:34
16 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration