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19 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF017001
Album: Calm Orchestra
Low, calm and sinister orchestra track with melodic strings and synthie sounds, occasional woodwinds and harp. 01:51
Remember Amy
ID: KF017002
Album: Calm Orchestra
Solemn orchestra track, wavering between drama and empathy. Calm strings combined with clarinet, trumpet and timpani. 01:05
In A Dream
ID: KF017003
Album: Calm Orchestra
A very gentle, dreamy track with continous marimba pattern, a clear flute and birds twittering. Dark timpani in the middle section, calm outro. 02:31
ID: KF017004
Album: Calm Orchestra
Very calm, sinister and melancholic film music. Soft strings and hard bell sounds, accompanied by a melodic oboe, timpani and xylophone. 02:39
Lonesome Journey
ID: KF017005
Album: Calm Orchestra
Melancholic strings, violin, brass and harp in a calm, thoughtful and partly dreamy composition. 01:52
Out By The Sea
ID: KF017006
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, relaxed track with rain stick, low strings, acoustic guitar, flute and percussion. 03:07
Dark Ocean
ID: KF017007
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, sinister and smouldering music with cello, electric piano, piano, rain stick and flute. Some isolated xylophone tones. 03:07
ID: KF017008
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, sinister and scary film music with strings and oboe. Reminds of foggy darkness. 03:01
On The Tide
ID: KF017009
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, melancholic ambience orchestra track with atmospheric strings and rapt clarinet. Mysterious and sinister, but hopeful. 02:32
Night Of Joanne
ID: KF017010
Album: Calm Orchestra
Dark and melancholic piano-piece with soft strings. Strong and emotional, yet mysterious and haunting. 02:44
The Mothership
ID: KF017011
Album: Calm Orchestra
This dissonant and unsettling orchestral piece has a wide variety of dynamics. The themes are building up slowly, often disturbed by clusters and silence. 04:18
Down Memory Lane
ID: KF017012
Album: Calm Orchestra
Melancholic strings in a thoughtful composition. Heartrending violin playing and gentle flute. Like the memory of a painful past. 01:32
ID: KF017013
Album: Calm Orchestra
A gloomy, calm and scary track. Suspenseful strings, intense drum beats and dramatic brass create an unpleasant atmosphere. 02:44
Shades Of Red
ID: KF017014
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm, slow track with strings and brass. Very measured and consistent. 02:43
Blown Cover
ID: KF017015
Album: Calm Orchestra
Calm and slow track with synths and strings as lead. Muffled bass beats join in during the middle part. 02:34
Case Of Doubt
ID: KF017016
Album: Calm Orchestra
Orchestral film scene of tension and suspense, with an additional piano 02:02
Desires Uncovered
ID: KF017017
Album: Calm Orchestra
Dynamic orchestral movie intro, with a thematic peak at 0:15, then slowly building up to a second peak at 1:10. 01:36
Slow Motion
ID: KF017018
Album: Calm Orchestra
Spooky, exotic track with harp, flute and percussion. Combined with gentle strings and brass, forcing the tension. Nature sounds. 02:41
The Valley
ID: KF017019
Album: Calm Orchestra
Emotional strings and a calm piano. Like the memory of lost beloveds. 02:36
19 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration