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Music and film soundtrack Rough Grooves Vol.2

20 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF019601
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Driving electro rock track with diversified synthie sounds. Energetic and unstoppable. 02:36
Adventure Call
ID: KF019602
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Roaring, fast and suspenseful electro track with electric guitar. Reminds of a motor boat trip with tricks and turns. 02:36
Electric Orbit
ID: KF019603
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Hectic electro track with lots of rock elements. Fast beats and atmospheric, rocking sounds. 02:38
ID: KF019604
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Restless electro music with slow passages in the middle part, a continuous rhythm and bright accents. 02:41
East To West
ID: KF019605
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Groovy electro action track with hard rhythms, accompanied by a relaxed electric guitar. 02:22
Made Of Lead
ID: KF019606
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Groovy electro-pop track with a danceable rhythm, accompanied by synthie-organ and electric guitar. 02:31
Numb Drunk
ID: KF019607
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Action track with hard drums and electric guitars. Interrupted by a meditative, calm middle section with dream sequence. 01:45
Micro Current
ID: KF019608
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
An exciting action track with electric guitar and bongos. Combined with a calm interlude of synthies. 02:20
Barrel Starter
ID: KF019609
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
A groovy, modern synthie track with a clear rhythm. Easy and energetic. 01:08
ID: KF019610
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
An exotic electro track with atmospheric synthies and oriental sitar sounds, accompanied by a mystic vocal. 02:23
Mics And More
ID: KF019611
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Futuristic spy track with typical agent theme and threatening electro sounds. 03:00
Total Ecplise
ID: KF019612
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Energetic action music with electro elements. Sounding alarm signal in the background. 02:29
A Life to Live
ID: KF019613
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Action dance track, muted intro, then opening up with driving beats and dominant synthie sounds. 02:38
Ready For Elimination
ID: KF019614
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
A sinister electro track in an impelling rhythm with threatening synthies. Modern and unsettling. 02:18
Freak N Out Basswobble
ID: KF019615
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Rough dance track with harsh synthies and a driving mood. 03:54
ID: KF019616
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Spehric track, rough and driving but also melodious. 00:48
Play Wid Me
ID: KF019617
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Electronic pop track with drum and bass rhythm. Playful and restive. 03:10
Science Friction
ID: KF019618
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Dynamic dance track with powerful synths and catchy melody. A track for clubs and dicos. 04:07
Toxic Fallout
ID: KF019619
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Restless electro music with a lot of different styles in one track. Rough and hectic but still groovy. 01:19
The Dude
ID: KF019620
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Very dynamic track. Beginns like a goa track, switches to classical house music with vocals and atmospheric synths, in the middle the style changes again and gets harder. 04:11
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration