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20 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Little Ones
ID: KF010901
Album: Children
Fantastic and playful orchestral music. Dreamy with bright elements of chimes and harp. 01:06
The Puppet Master
ID: KF010902
Album: Children
Fantasy film music with orchestra, choir and music box. Music from an enchanted world. 02:07
Mr Tiny
ID: KF010903
Album: Children
Chimes in interaction with harp and plucked strings. A playful fairy tale piece. 00:58
Land Of Wonders
ID: KF010904
Album: Children
Positive and dreamy song with a playful flute and plucked harp. 02:00
So Beautiful
ID: KF010905
Album: Children
Enchanted strings and playful bells. A sensitive flute creates a romantic song. 02:10
Goodbye Love
ID: KF010906
Album: Children
Striking, adventurous orchestral track with playful and mystic elements. 02:02
Rat Flight
ID: KF010907
Album: Children
A quick and playful film music. Orchestra accompanied by accordion. 01:57
Quiet Cottage
ID: KF010908
Album: Children
A sensitive and emotional orchestral track in a playful and light mood. Very soft with chimes and harp. 02:01
Susanna Plays
ID: KF010909
Album: Children
Playful and enchanting music. Strings accompanied by quiet harp, chimes and woodwinds. 01:50
Dark And Sad
ID: KF010910
Album: Children
A sad and emotional orchestral track. The same theme is picked up over and over again. 02:09
Monster Factory
ID: KF010911
Album: Children
Mysterious track with playful percussion, sensitive flute, dark wind instruments and a harp. 01:45
Spooky Suspense
ID: KF010912
Album: Children
Mysterious chimes with chembalo and soulful guitar. Accompanied by orchestra. 01:34
Country Cake
ID: KF010913
Album: Children
Playful flute with chimes and plucked strings. 01:04
Alive Pets
ID: KF010914
Album: Children
Playful and smooth film music. 00:56
Good Nina
ID: KF010915
Album: Children
Bright film music for big orchestra. Imaginative and playful. 01:02
The Gargoyle's Dance
ID: KF010916
Album: Children
Soft rhythmic orchestral piece with pizzicato-strings and woodwinds. 01:36
The Wizard's Castle
ID: KF010917
Album: Children
Orchestral music full of magic and mystery with a touch of drama. 01:59
Sidewalk Joy
ID: KF010918
Album: Children
A merry track which is defined by cheerful, elated strings and light bongo rhythms. Easy and playful. 01:29
The Secret Accomplice
ID: KF010919
Album: Children
A mysterious composition of xylophone, pizzicato clarinet and solemn strings. Dramatic and uneasy in its own way. 01:46
Slipping Away
ID: KF010920
Album: Children
Ideal promotional sound: quick, funny and melodic. Three parts with strings, brass and xylophone. Rapid middle part with harp, theremine and rolling timpani. 01:39
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration