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Music and film soundtrack Sci-Fi Noir

This dark ambient collection, trickled with hints of dubstep and industrial, will bring your audience into terrifying crime scenes and exhilarating chases. From drones and wobbling basses to dripping reverbs and mechanical clacks, these tracks propel the listener into places where the lawbreakers could be menacing robots or time-traveling bandits.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Urban Scum
ID: KF030701
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Opening with a drone moved forward by dark impulses and low mechanical moans, the beat kicks in with a screech. The tension is built with electric guitars and other gear-filled noises. 02:30
Death Note
ID: KF030702
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
A quiet drone writes the beginning as it slowly builds up with various percussion. A wobble bass kicks in, revealing elements of dark dubstep over atmospheres dripping in reverb. 02:29
ID: KF030703
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track starts with a cryptic melody and builds up to a dark electronic dance between machines and men, with a heavy bass underlying the passion. 02:26
ID: KF030704
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Starting with a wobbling bass repeating a short burst over spacey atmospherics, the track builds up with percussion and heavy bass kicks, accompanied by chaotic tension-building whirs and electric guitars. 02:20
Border Patrol
ID: KF030705
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track begins with a short screaming bass line, picked up with heavy distorted drums. After the drop, it rebuilds with a pulsating search and destroy by a thudding bass and machine-like percussion innovations. 02:21
Pyramid Crumble
ID: KF030706
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
Opening with a drone kissed by the remnants of human voices and a creeping arpeggiation from a broken music box, the track slowly crumbles into an oblivion of wobbling basses and a melody reminiscent of ancient Egypt. 02:28
ID: KF030707
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
A percussion line kicks the track in, with light synth pads spread out across the range, driven by a legato sub bass. The bass drops out, creating a near ambient appeal, but for one last run. 02:55
ID: KF030708
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The track opens with a tense percussion and is quickly cut apart with blasts of bass and a frenetic synth line. 02:28
At The Crossroads
ID: KF030709
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
A dark drone with a reverb-rich atmospheric percussion sets the tone of the track. An eerie melody plays to the rhythm of a rattle, and the energy is brought up with an electronic drum kit. 02:28
Ash Rain
ID: KF030710
Album: Sci-Fi Noir
The intro is reminiscent of the attack ships off the shoulder of Orion, while a drumbeat picks up the energy and a high-pitched synth picks up the melody. 02:36
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration