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21 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Light And Sunshine
ID: KF010801
Album: Beautiful
Hopeful track with piano and strings. 00:45
Wonderful Piano
ID: KF010802
Album: Beautiful
A piano track full of untold feelings, accompanied by soft violins. 02:08
ID: KF010803
Album: Beautiful
A dreamy, peaceful, soft track with piano and guitar. 02:35
ID: KF010804
Album: Beautiful
A slow melancholic song featuring a concert grand. 02:12
Valley Sight
ID: KF010805
Album: Beautiful
Positive quiet track with piano and acoustic guitar. Accompanied by drums, cello and violin. 02:17
North Wind
ID: KF010806
Album: Beautiful
A soft piano track. Hopeful and melancholic. 02:08
Summer Dreaming
ID: KF010807
Album: Beautiful
A playful piano accompanied by quiet violins. A dreamy and lovely piece of film music. 01:53
Pleasant Valley
ID: KF010809
Album: Beautiful
Play- and peaceful orchestral track. Soft strings accompanied by cembalo, flute and percussions. 02:06
Sonic Beauty
ID: KF010810
Album: Beautiful
A touching orchestral track with a positive mood. 00:40
Beautiful Morning
ID: KF010811
Album: Beautiful
A soft, positive piano piece accompanied by playful harp and string sounds. 00:36
A Sweet Dream
ID: KF010812
Album: Beautiful
A short walk trough a happy dreamworld. Piano and orchestra. 01:08
Wake Up To Spring
ID: KF010813
Album: Beautiful
A motivating and positive piano track with a bright melody and a smooth rhythm. 02:21
The Greatest
ID: KF010814
Album: Beautiful
Ceremonial and tender music. A sound like energy and departure. 00:36
Fields Of Gold
ID: KF010815
Album: Beautiful
Bright string music, positive and hopeful. 00:49
Happy Piano
ID: KF010816
Album: Beautiful
Soft and playful piano music with a simple melody. 01:31
Velvet Glass
ID: KF010817
Album: Beautiful
A light and hopeful music. Playful with soft chimes. 00:38
The Movies
ID: KF010820
Album: Beautiful
A sensitive, dreamy fairy tale music with strings, flute and harp. 01:53
Christal Forest
ID: KF010821
Album: Beautiful
A melancholic track with soft violins in the background and a hopeful guitar melody. 01:04
Eddie's Journey
ID: KF010822
Album: Beautiful
Like a journey through a fantastic world. Playful strings, a positive piano and voluminous timpanis. 02:49
Nella's Dream
ID: KF010823
Album: Beautiful
Quiet and peaceful track with increasing intensity. Strings, piano and marimba. 01:42
Ada Reign
ID: KF010824
Album: Beautiful
A piano track full of feelings with some calm timpani beats in the background. Careful and discreet. 02:19
21 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration