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17 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Don't Haste
ID: KF011301
Album: Dark Cinema
Soft strings and woodwind instruments accompanied by relaxing synthetic noises. Some piano sounds at the end of the track. 02:18
Low Drive
ID: KF011302
Album: Dark Cinema
A relaxing track with many futuristic elements. The choir performs the melody at the end of the track. 02:22
Blade Deep
ID: KF011303
Album: Dark Cinema
An emotional sad violin with scary and dark electro sounds. 02:00
Lonely Plains
ID: KF011304
Album: Dark Cinema
A futuristic synth track, menacing and dark atmosphere. 02:13
ID: KF011305
Album: Dark Cinema
Quiet, spooky strings with some electronic sounds. Atmospheric and mystical. 01:48
Weird Things
ID: KF011306
Album: Dark Cinema
A very dark string track accompanied by synthetic sounds. Futuristic and dangerous. 01:59
Sinister Moves
ID: KF011307
Album: Dark Cinema
Very atmospheric and futuristic track with energetic brass and quiet strings. 02:33
Strangled Corpse
ID: KF011308
Album: Dark Cinema
Futuristic electro track with pulsating synthesizers, soft pads and interesting sounds. 01:48
Failed Trial
ID: KF011309
Album: Dark Cinema
Dark sci-fi music with electro beats and a melancholic melody. Sad and spooky. 01:52
ID: KF011310
Album: Dark Cinema
A fast futuristic electro/orchestra track. Threatening, spooky and unsettling. 02:22
Clan Charger
ID: KF011311
Album: Dark Cinema
Heavy groovy piece with futuristic character. Strings accompanied by synthesizers and bongos. 01:08
Black Piece
ID: KF011312
Album: Dark Cinema
Mystic and threatening music. In a very qiet and restless atmosphere. 01:35
ID: KF011313
Album: Dark Cinema
Science fiction track in quiet atmosphere. Meditative and sober. 02:15
Diagnosis Murder
ID: KF011314
Album: Dark Cinema
Drawn-out synthetic sounds. Drone-like, menacing and dark. 02:12
ID: KF011315
Album: Dark Cinema
Groovy electro track with a soft melody. Driving and atmospheric. 01:33
Black Road
ID: KF011316
Album: Dark Cinema
Exciting electro track. Futuristic with strings and brass. 03:08
ID: KF011318
Album: Dark Cinema
A futuristic music with quiet and atmospheric sounds. With large percussion and a soft beat in the background. 01:20
17 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration