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Music and film soundtrack Uplifting&Positive

Epic and imaginative orchestra music. Bright, hopeful sounds that inspire. Perfect for the next romantic series moment or the big reconciliation movie scene. Beautiful sounds for uplifting moments.

22 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Cash Flow
ID: KF016001
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An epic, imaginative orchestra music with clear, hopeful tones, paired with a catchy tune. 01:59
Light Ambience
ID: KF016002
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A track with strings creating a positive atmosphere. Disperses a touch of magic. 01:55
Breathy Air
ID: KF016003
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Uplifting music with piano and strings. Creates positive feelings and inspires dreams. 00:35
Shining Bright
ID: KF016004
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A magical orchestra carries the listener away into a fairytale-dream world 00:34
ID: KF016005
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An orchestral piece for solo piano and female choir. Elevated and full of expectations. 02:00
Pop Aria
ID: KF016006
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Positive, fairytale film score. After a calm beginng a choir, full orchestra and percussions are joining. 01:57
ID: KF016007
Album: Uplifting&Positive
This cinematic music is telling a story of adventures in distant worlds and of magic and socery. 01:07
Always Known
ID: KF016008
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Contemplative piano-pop track with a prospective piano melodie and a forcefull electric guitar solo at the end. 03:04
ID: KF016009
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Energetic, powerful film score. It starts quite but a choir and full orchestra are joining soon after. 01:30
Exclusive Nightlife
ID: KF016010
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Film score with piano, strings, flute and chorus. A magical stream of fantasie. 01:36
Good Friends
ID: KF016011
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A romantic film score with much emotions and the desire for adventures. 01:36
Lift Off
ID: KF016012
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Happy endings, living a fantasy. Piano accompanied by chorus and orchestra. 02:05
ID: KF016013
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Imaginative, epic orchestral piece with an enchanting, fairy-tale ambiance and adventuresomeness. 01:23
ID: KF016014
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Film score with piano, harp and strings in a gentrle, dreamy atmosphere. 01:43
Liquid Sun
ID: KF016015
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Light music with piano, harp and strings in a soft, dreamy atmosphere. 01:49
Shiny Piece
ID: KF016016
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An enchanted film score . Oboe, flute and trumpet with strings and harp. 01:31
Bright Size Life
ID: KF016017
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A bright, hopeful piano and strings with energetic melody and powerful drums. 02:05
The Hour Of Triumph
ID: KF016018
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An epic, grave piece, with light piano music, accompanied by orchestra and percussion. 02:28
Warm Embrace
ID: KF016019
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Melancholy, gentle piano music with a soulful string and brass accompaniment. Romantic and pensive. 01:53
Research Proposal
ID: KF016020
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Positive, light orchestral music with drum accompaniment, gentle acoustic guitar and string parts. 02:13
Venture Capital
ID: KF016021
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A diverse, hopeful orchestral track, reminiscenting of busy shopping streets in American movies. 02:08
Popping Bubbles
ID: KF016022
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A light summer track with a gentle piano melody and soft strings in the background. Accompanied by relaxed drums. 01:35
22 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration