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31 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Power Fanfare
ID: KF013601
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Energetic jingle with powerful electric guitar and wind section. Uplifting, active mood. 00:08
ID: KF013602
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Demanding title track full of energy with hard electric guitar, fast strings and energetic wind section. 00:07
ID: KF013603
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Active, sporty track with breakbeat and synthie melody. Powerful and positive. 00:10
Deep Brown Sea
ID: KF013604
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Fast action track with powerful, aggressive wind section parts, strings and percussions. 00:29
ID: KF013605
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A fast jingle with synthies and wind section full of action, accompanied by an energetic rhythm. 00:22
Urgent Matter
ID: KF013606
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A fast-paced title track, threatening and dangerous. With shrill strings and hard drums. 00:25
Voltage Veins
ID: KF013607
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A very fast, effervescent title track with quick, threatening strings and wind section, accompanied by hard drum beats. 00:32
Stretched Out
ID: KF013608
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A positively stirring, fast jingle with wind section intro, energetic electric guitar and electro beats. 00:12
ID: KF013609
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Aggressive track full of action with hard electric guitar, groovy synthies and sharp wind players. 00:14
Combined Effort
ID: KF013610
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Fast strings with sudden wind section sounds combined in a brutal rhythm. 01:03
Rollin' Around
ID: KF013611
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A playful, imaginative advertising jingle with clear marimba sounds and trumpets in a happy rhythm. 00:32
Satin Glow
ID: KF013612
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Playful, groovy wind section and synthies with funny side elements and a catchy tune. 00:19
Weather And All
ID: KF013613
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Soft, melodic acoustic guitar in a title track for thoughtful, quiet moments. 00:19
ID: KF013614
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cheerful disco track with bright strings and groovy synthie beats. 00:23
Pretty Close
ID: KF013615
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cheerful jingle with lapsteel guitar reminding of Hawaii and sunny beaches. Easy and relaxed. 00:20
Urban Culture
ID: KF013616
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A positive, groovy title track with funky rhythm. 00:31
Encourage People
ID: KF013617
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A relaxed Latin jingle, evoking the thoughts of sunshine and holiday. 00:33
Who Can You Tell
ID: KF013618
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Easy, positive piano and guitar music with cheerful, hopeful mood. 00:13
Gain Control
ID: KF013619
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A short, energetic orchestra track in the style of an action movie with fast strings and hard rhythm. 00:28
ID: KF013620
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A funky title track, made for the show. Band lineup and wind section. 00:19
Wavy Mine
ID: KF013621
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Cool, relaxed e-bass track with short electric guitar interludes with groovy beat. 00:41
Better Before
ID: KF013622
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Groovy, relaxed double bass sound with electric piano and distorted electro beats. 00:30
Just The Idea
ID: KF013623
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Spheric, easy sound with a synthie melody. Short and catchy. 00:10
Do It
ID: KF013624
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Funky track with wind section and concise e-bass. 00:17
In Your Hand
ID: KF013625
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Encouraging poprock jingle with a piano melody. Positive, motivating mood. 00:12
ID: KF013626
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Signature tune with groovy, easy listening jazz. Sensitive, relaxed and positive. 00:11
ID: KF013627
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Short, powerful sports and energy rock track with an intense electric guitar riff. 00:10
Open Up
ID: KF013628
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Futuristic action intro with synthetic sounds and piano arpeggio, sinister and threatening. 00:30
Movie Logo 03
ID: KF013629
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
Synthie track reminding of a news program. 00:31
Movie Logo 01
ID: KF013630
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A track with a spheric synthesizer rise. 00:24
Movie Logo 02
ID: KF013631
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.1
A sinister track with various synthie elements. 00:14
31 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration