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20 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Dark Future
ID: KF012301
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Impressive vigorous orchestra track with strong rhythm and bright string and brass sounds. 02:06
ID: KF012302
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A hard electric guitar track, aggressive and threatening. Accompanied by strings and drums. 01:14
One Size Fits All
ID: KF012303
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Futuristic and vigorous rock track with electric guitars, electro beats and strings. 02:16
Ignition Lost
ID: KF012304
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An aggressive hard rock and heavy metal song with fast electric guitars and orchestra. 01:42
ID: KF012305
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An orchestral rock track with vigorous strings and powerful aggressive electric guitar. 02:09
ID: KF012306
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A electric guitar rock track with fast and quiet parts. Dreamy and thoughtful string parts. 02:14
Deadly Gods
ID: KF012307
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Tough electric guitar track with electro beats and brass. Hard rock! 01:21
ID: KF012308
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Action track for orchestra and electric guitar. Fast and dynamic with strings. 02:01
ID: KF012309
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
An aggressive action track with hard rock electric guitar. Chorus with piano and emotional in a moderate tempo. 02:04
Under Pressure
ID: KF012310
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Very vigorous and aggressive rock and orchestra. Powerful and action packed. 02:13
ID: KF012311
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Heroic and aggressive rock and orchestra track with much energy and emotion. 02:05
Turbo Charger
ID: KF012312
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Hard, fast rock and orchestra music. Strings and brass are accompanied by rapid drums, electric guitar and choir. 01:56
Hard Steel
ID: KF012313
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Rock track with futuristic elements, very energetic and aggressive. With a catchy intermediate melody. 02:10
Burning Banners
ID: KF012314
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A rock orchestra track with grand array of sound. Energetic, dramatic, threatening drohend und hoffnungsvoll. 02:10
Bad Karma
ID: KF012315
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Powerful orchestra track in large format, accompanied by fast electric guitars and an energetic choir. 02:19
Before Our Time
ID: KF012316
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Electronic and acoustic fantasy composition. String ensemble combined with synthies and electric guitar in an epic atmosphere. 01:18
Good And Evil
ID: KF012317
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Heroic, emotional action track with orchestra and synthetic elements, combined with choir accompaniment in the background. 02:06
Pure War
ID: KF012318
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A threatening, warning sci-fi track with electro elements, electric guitar, strings and brass. 02:09
Eternal Wrath
ID: KF012319
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Energetic orchestra music with hard electric guitar riffs and choir. Uncompromising and intimidating. 01:56
ID: KF012320
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
Resounding music with a calm beginning. For the big orchestra, accompanied by an e-guitar with very catchy riffs. 02:25
20 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration