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17 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
God Save The Queen
ID: KF018101
Album: World Anthems
An orchestral version of the English national anthem, dramatic and gentle at the same time. Intense brass and drums. 00:43
La Marseillaise
ID: KF018102
Album: World Anthems
Festive and merry orchestra version of the French national anthem. Powerful and passionate. 01:10
Marcha Real
ID: KF018103
Album: World Anthems
Festive, calm orchestra version of the Spanish national anthem. Gentle, melodic strings and tender woodwinds. 00:36
Fratelli d'Italia
ID: KF018104
Album: World Anthems
Festive, solemn and elated orchestra version of the Italian national anthem. With gentle flute passages. 00:36
ID: KF018105
Album: World Anthems
The Swiss national anthem in a festive string arrangement, accompanied by xylophone and drums. 00:38
Het Wilhelmus
ID: KF018106
Album: World Anthems
Festive and merry string arrangement of the Dutch national anthem's beginning. 00:26
Hymn Of Honour
ID: KF018107
Album: World Anthems
Festive and heroic orchestra track with powerful brass and xylophone. Reminds of a festive military parade. 00:30
Phleng Chat
ID: KF018108
Album: World Anthems
The Japanese national anthem played by strings, xylophone and flute. Reverent and solemn. 00:37
God Defend New Zealand
ID: KF018109
Album: World Anthems
The New Zealand national anthem, softly and gently interpreted by strings, flute, brass and drums. Solemn and festive. 00:33
O Canada
ID: KF018110
Album: World Anthems
The Canadian national anthem, very festive, solemn and positive. Strings and drums, complemented by xylophone and flute. 00:33
The Star-Spangled Banner
ID: KF018111
Album: World Anthems
A festive version of the American national anthem. Hopeful and dramatic, with powerful timpani. 01:13
Dabrowskis Mazurka
ID: KF018112
Album: World Anthems
Festive and merry orchestra version of the Polish national anthem. Gentle, exhilarating and hopeful at the same time. 00:41
Kde domov muj
ID: KF018113
Album: World Anthems
Solemn, emotional orchestra version of the Czech national anthem with xylophone, brass, flute and strings. 00:35
Ja, vi elsker dette landet
ID: KF018114
Album: World Anthems
Majestic, solemn orchestra version of the Norwegian national anthem. Festive and romantic. 00:30
ID: KF018115
Album: World Anthems
This solemn orchestra version of the Finnish national anthem is majestic and gentle at the same time. 00:36
Du gamla, Du fria
ID: KF018116
Album: World Anthems
Gentle and uplifting orchestra version of the Swedish national anthem. Emotional, solemn and full of hope. 00:32
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
ID: KF018117
Album: World Anthems
Majestic, calm orchestra version of the German national anthem. Solemn and emotional strings. 01:05
17 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration