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12 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
It Came Unglue
ID: KF018001
Album: Groove Attack
Hammond combined with groovy percussions, electric guitar and sporadic synthie sounds. A groovy funk track. 02:38
Fast Tracks
ID: KF018002
Album: Groove Attack
Relaxed and groovy funk track with electric piano, bongos, electric guitar and supporting bass line. Slight fare for nighttime driving. 02:37
Well Compiled
ID: KF018003
Album: Groove Attack
A positive, cheerful fusion track with groovy electric piano and funky brass. 02:21
Groove Hunt
ID: KF018004
Album: Groove Attack
Freaky fusion-funk track with fast, groovy electric guitars and brass. 02:05
Retro Harmonies
ID: KF018005
Album: Groove Attack
Easy, relaxed track with electric guitar riffs and electric piano. Some far eastern elements. 02:34
Europe Inc
ID: KF018006
Album: Groove Attack
Electro sounds combined with electric guitar and brass. Lively and groovy funk track. 02:38
Dont Hold Back
ID: KF018007
Album: Groove Attack
Upbeat funk track with atmospheric synths, a positive horn section and funky bass and guitar. 02:57
ID: KF018008
Album: Groove Attack
Starts like a game show theme and continues funky and upbeat with two different vocal lines. 01:16
The Yoka
ID: KF018009
Album: Groove Attack
Spheric funk-house track with clean and muted parts and a lot of synths. 02:30
ID: KF018010
Album: Groove Attack
Electronic sample mix with jazzy influences. 00:46
Disco Time
ID: KF018011
Album: Groove Attack
A funky disco track with e-guitar, a moving bass line and smooth synths on top. 03:08
Dancing Disco
ID: KF018012
Album: Groove Attack
Groovy discobeat with e-guitar, bass, drums, rhodes, synths, organ and strings. 02:24
12 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration