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Inspire a soothing calm in your audience\'s minds and hearts with this premium quality ambient music. Expertly produced, these tracks are filled with cavernous effects, rising drones, heavenly vocals, and spacey guitar flicks that make the listener float along on an undisclosed journey.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF036001
Album: Nostalgia
This haunting ambient track is carried by a droning bass, a dark, dread-inducing piano, and various effects building unresolved tension. 02:36
Young And Free
ID: KF036002
Album: Nostalgia
Gentle piano arpeggiations fall like rain over mysterious, reverb-laden vocals in a cavernous hall. 03:01
Retro Playground
ID: KF036003
Album: Nostalgia
A dusty piano plays the progression for this LoFi track, while processed drums knock out a beat over a distant radio playing the news. 02:40
ID: KF036004
Album: Nostalgia
Complete with distant, angelic singing, this soft ambient track features rain-like instruments and effects enshrined by a soft thudding kick. 02:34
ID: KF036005
Album: Nostalgia
A soft exchange of guitars creates an open space of safety and warmth over a pulsing bass rhythm that propels the audience optimistically forward. 02:49
Icy Cave
ID: KF036006
Album: Nostalgia
Pushed along by drums dripping with rich filters, this ambient track opens with a long, rising drone accented by sin waves bleeping like radar pings. 02:27
Waiting In Line
ID: KF036007
Album: Nostalgia
A piano coated with delay effects is the mainstay for this ambient track featuring heavy synth drums, violins, and singing sine waves. 02:28
Empty Box
ID: KF036008
Album: Nostalgia
A guitar plucks out a tune in a heavenly space, while violins playing legato and staccato fill up these glorious depths. 02:59
Warm Evening
ID: KF036009
Album: Nostalgia
An explosive synth bass is accented by imposing drums while a marimba, percussion, and guitar follow the dark progression. 02:35
Falling Rain
ID: KF036010
Album: Nostalgia
The steady rhythm of processed kit drums drives this LoFi dub track dripping with heavy sliding bass and effects. 01:59
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration