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16 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Human Duty
ID: KF012001
Album: Emotional Trailer
A tremendous orchestra theme accompanied by a dramatic choir. Energetic and heroic. 01:56
Entry Of Evil
ID: KF012002
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic orchestra with hard drums and timpani hits. Threatening brass and a powerful choir. 01:13
Guardian Of Truth
ID: KF012003
Album: Emotional Trailer
A fast and heroic orchestra track with rushing strings and powerful timpani hits. 01:33
ID: KF012004
Album: Emotional Trailer
An epic and hopeful orchestral track accompanied by a choir. 01:11
Forgotten Stories
ID: KF012005
Album: Emotional Trailer
Orchestral track full of courage and thirst of action. Very energetic and powerful. 01:38
New Opportunity
ID: KF012006
Album: Emotional Trailer
Alternatibg between hope and menace, this orchestra track is energetic and versatile. Accompanied by a choir. 01:19
ID: KF012007
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dark, threatening orchestral track. More and more aggression and speed towards the end. Accompanied by a choir. 01:18
Deep Hollow
ID: KF012008
Album: Emotional Trailer
A hopeful and powerful orchestra track with energetic choir and uplifting mood. 01:14
Lightning Strikes
ID: KF012009
Album: Emotional Trailer
Epic orchestra track accompanied by choir. Very heroic and hopeful, dramatic as well. 01:31
The Aftermath
ID: KF012010
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic film music with dark and restless mood. Strings and brass accompanied by piano and percussion. 00:53
The Wale
ID: KF012011
Album: Emotional Trailer
Electro beats like a heart beat in a mystic atmosphere. Accompanied by a bright exotic voice. 02:46
Wisdom Reigns
ID: KF012012
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dramatic but versatile film music with big orchestra and a male solo voice. 01:48
Temple Saints
ID: KF012013
Album: Emotional Trailer
Epic film music with a male solo voice accompanied by a vigorous choir and big orchestra. 02:36
The Final Stand
ID: KF012014
Album: Emotional Trailer
Dramatic and sweeping orchestra track with epic choir and hard percussion. 02:11
The Great Step
ID: KF012015
Album: Emotional Trailer
A dramatic orchestra track with epic choir. The hard drums give it a military and heroic mood. 01:32
Roman Empire
ID: KF012016
Album: Emotional Trailer
A pompous celebrating film music full of energy and atmosphere of departure. 01:43
16 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration