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Retro styles and classic synth sounds are the theme of this 80s inspired collection of pulsating, glitchy rhythms, cosmic atmospheres, and dark, driving arps. With classic horror movie and science fiction vibes, this 8-bit exploration into the deep will keep your audience on edge.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF036201
Album: Retro Technology
This funk-inspired new wave track features a pulsing retro bass, scintillating arps, and dark synth pads. 02:14
Night Tech
ID: KF036202
Album: Retro Technology
A cosmic, immersive track pushed forward by a driving drum machine and mysterious effects. 02:02
Flux Capacitor
ID: KF036203
Album: Retro Technology
Cruise back in time with this darkwave track packed with digital effects and dark, aggressive saw wave arps. 02:31
Virtual Network
ID: KF036204
Album: Retro Technology
With xylophone and marimba arpeggiations inspired by classic 80s horror movies, this track will send shivers down your viewers’ spines. 02:30
Cyan Haze
ID: KF036205
Album: Retro Technology
Opening with retro atmospheric sounds, the track transitions to solid downtempo with arcane, glitchy percussion. 02:12
Microchip Fields
ID: KF036206
Album: Retro Technology
Straight from the 80s with a punchy bass and electric guitar lead to prove it. 03:01
ID: KF036207
Album: Retro Technology
A dark piano undertone serves the bass for the glitchy machines and mechanical rhythm featured on this track. 02:32
Pulse Reaction
ID: KF036208
Album: Retro Technology
This tension-filled rhythmic experiment shifts from 8-bit chips to computer glitches. 02:43
Pixelated Life
ID: KF036209
Album: Retro Technology
An esoteric music box guides the glitching percussion over an abstract and cosmic synth-led melody. 02:26
ID: KF036210
Album: Retro Technology
This masterful and retro epic has a powerful bass and drums with an inspiring and modern feel. 02:50
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration