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This collection of EDM trap and other electronic, hip-hop-infused genres are all edge and shadow, navigating listeners through nighttime city streets and dark, shady lounges. With skittering hats, reese basses, and 808s, it is all too easy to dial in the tension. Turn up the bass to shake your audience and bring in a touch of culture with Eastern-inspired motifs.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF035101
Album: Urban Streets
A solid piano progression opens this serious affair, layered with tantalizing flutes. The drop kicks in screaming leads and deep bass. 03:08
Ink Drops
ID: KF035102
Album: Urban Streets
This dark and heavy downtempo track begins with energetic sampled violins and horns with an 808 driven beat. 02:22
ID: KF035103
Album: Urban Streets
Starting with a playful riff on keys, this future bass track builds up with sampled strings layered with hip-hop-style backing vocals. 02:03
ID: KF035104
Album: Urban Streets
Sampled horns and a Middle Eastern synth line drive this esoteric club track through the roof. 01:53
High Level
ID: KF035105
Album: Urban Streets
This EDM trap track is typified by heavy, room shaking subs, skittering hats, and dark, blasting horns. 03:06
ID: KF035106
Album: Urban Streets
With driving 808 bass and creepy strings pushing the rhythm, this EDM trap track is sure to create shivers in your audience. 02:28
Thin Glass
ID: KF035107
Album: Urban Streets
A shaking reese bass creates a dark bed for futuristic synth horns and grinding dub step drops. 02:31
ID: KF035108
Album: Urban Streets
This East Asian-inspired trapstep track features a rocking koto line, a deep reese bass, and hip-hop backing vocals to round out the rough footwork. 02:58
ID: KF035109
Album: Urban Streets
With glitchy effects, tape stops, hat stutters, and ghostly vocals, this trapstep pushes the mood darker and will be sure to bring an edge to your scene. 02:13
Flip The Coin
ID: KF035110
Album: Urban Streets
Chimes layered over 808 bass infused with an Indian spirit spice up this trap step take. 02:06
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration