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Music and film soundtrack Night Scenes&Suspense

12 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF018901
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Atmospheric ambience track with flute, electric piano, rattles and acoustic guitar. Mysterious and creepy. 03:02
Among Strangers
ID: KF018902
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Calm, creepy and atmospheric track with electric piano, strings and distant choir voices. Combined with acoustic guitar and organ. 02:58
Feel It
ID: KF018903
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Calm, sinister and at the same time emotional and passionate. With acoustic guitar, flute and percussion. 01:37
Exploring The Dungeons
ID: KF018904
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Soft and atmospheric ambience with orchestra and pads. The first part is a little melancholic, the second gets a little spooky. 03:16
Get Ready Now
ID: KF018905
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Thrilling orchestral music with rhythmic strings and sci-fi-like loops. 01:41
Cat With Nine Tails
ID: KF018906
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Punky mid-tempo track with dominant bass, guitar flourishes and industrial elements. 01:55
Criminal Meadows
ID: KF018907
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Crime movie investigation soundtrack, with piano, lead bass, bongos and some 70ies guitar vibe. 01:01
No Back Row
ID: KF018908
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Sci-fi orchestra track, combining modern elements and classic symphony orchestra. Lurking and energetic. 02:12
Deep Under
ID: KF018909
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Sinister spy atmosphere with impelling rhythm and bright melodies. 02:05
Sedate Place
ID: KF018910
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Sedate, groovy electric guitar within a futuristic, lonesome atmosphere. Thoughtful and relaxed. 02:32
The Sky Is Grey
ID: KF018911
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
A spy track with electric guitar, accompanied by orchestra. Sinister and uneasy atmosphere. 03:08
City Limits
ID: KF018912
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Suspenseful spy track, lurking and trheatening. 03:28
12 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration