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Modern dance styles top the charts in this latest collection of beats and grooves. From chill house and synth wave to future bass and trapstep, no synth is left unplugged in this dance pulsing session. Transport your audiences to the clubs, beaches, and other party scenes with these wobbling basses, synth stabs, and shimmering chords.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Half Tune
ID: KF033501
Album: Power Source
Crystalline pads hold the listener's breath as an electronic melody plays out over downbeat drums. A riser builds the song up to a pop anthem. 02:29
Laser Ride
ID: KF033502
Album: Power Source
Sawtooth synths pulse out a party rhythm perfect for any poolside or beach gathering in the sun. 02:12
Role Models
ID: KF033503
Album: Power Source
Gentle plucks followed by a soothing arpeggiation directly lead to this bassy, vocal-chopped chill house tune. 03:07
Oh Darling
ID: KF033504
Album: Power Source
This future house vibe opens with stabs and pads, with a rhythm that builds up to a club powered thrill. 02:47
Energy Flows
ID: KF033505
Album: Power Source
Opening with a series of risers, this high octane synthwave track pulses with nostalgia and fun. 02:32
ID: KF033506
Album: Power Source
This fast-paced trapstep anthem starts with a classic urban synth line that molds into aggressive horn blasts. 02:17
ID: KF033507
Album: Power Source
Beginning with a piano and downtempo kit-like beat, this electronic ballad introduces strings and sentiments with its high-pitched synths ringing like chimes. 03:28
Stand Up
ID: KF033508
Album: Power Source
A spacey future ballad with an oceanic motion, the pulse of the vocals and the deep bass lull the listener into a hypnotic pattern. 02:27
Around The City
ID: KF033509
Album: Power Source
The punchy bass groove is brought to life by a piano harmony and melody, kit drums keep things shaking. 03:06
Mystery Box
ID: KF033510
Album: Power Source
Far out vocals over pads and electric piano build up to a smooth-laced future bass hit. 03:04
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration