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Music and film soundtrack Dark Orchestral Mainthemes

With the help of Sonic Liberty’s background music dark scenes turn even darker.

With our sound design dark scenes become distinctly atmospheric.

It goes without saying: many films feature dark scenes – and dark scenes can have multiple moods: they can convey the danger of an imminent threat, a sense of despair, hopelessness and foreboding but can also accompany retarding moments in a drama, scary moments, brooding characters, and cliffhangers. Obviously, there is a different tone to all of these scenarios – which is why our dark background music library covers a great variety of dark music and sound effects. Background music is more than just an ambient atmosphere for the visual plane of your project: it helps elevate the imagery and furthers your audiences’ immersion. This is why our dark music also includes emotional music: from dramatic and heroic orchestral music and creepy horror music to softer mysterious synth tunes, our instrumental tracks offer a diverse assortment of atmospheric music and moods that suits every need. In addition, we made sure that our stock music covers the duration you need: from under a minute to well over two minutes, the varying music duration of our tracks fits perfectly to most sequences, including frequent use of music loops that can be edited at your own discretion.

What are the uses of dark background music?
The possibilities of our cinematic music are plentiful. From creepy horror music to tense piano tunes, from orchestral symphonies to low-key, eerie atmospheres: whatever it is you are working on, we are confident that you will find an appropriate soundtrack with a matching duration within our database. With our music loops, compositions and sound design dark sequences are easily mastered. Naturally, cinematic projects are not the only ones to benefit from the moods our dark music conveys. You will find our tracks equally suited for suspenseful video games, radio plays and advertisements. Of course, editing ominous trailers and teasers is another task demanding an appropriate soundtrack to generate the right atmospheres. In addition, all of our tracks are royalty-free. Since we our licensing rules are quite easy, we can spare you the tedious legal issues. Please enjoy browsing through our extensive library.

14 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF011501
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Dark, dramatic film music. Big and expressive. 02:00
Soaring Dreams
ID: KF011502
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Heroic and dramatic orchestra music. 01:41
ID: KF011503
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Energetic strings and hard drums with some electronic influence. 01:05
Hive Rise
ID: KF011504
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Powerful and aggressive orchestra music with choir and hard electric guitar riffs. 01:27
ID: KF011505
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Choir driven action track with orchestra. Increasing drama and tempo towards the end. 02:29
ID: KF011506
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Mysterious and powerful film music. 02:01
ID: KF011507
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Film music with driving and threatening atmosphere. Exotic and adventurous. 01:49
ID: KF011508
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Energetic piece of orchestral music, driving strings with distinct percussion. 02:16
The Great Hero
ID: KF011509
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Film music with threatening and mytical elements. Orchestra, choir and exotic percussion. 01:08
The Reckoning
ID: KF011510
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Orchestra track with fast timpani and percussion intro. Towards the end they are accompanied by big orchestra and choir. 01:40
Dark Stars
ID: KF011511
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Hopeful and modern orchestra track. Positive beginning, dark and threatening at times. 02:49
Black Forge
ID: KF011512
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Very dark track with deep brass and stings. 01:13
Earth Lost
ID: KF011513
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
A sad and dark music. Starts sombre, picks up tempo and ends on a violin solo. 00:57
Dark Side
ID: KF011514
Album: Dark Orchestral Mainthemes
Menacing timpanis and dark brasses. Contemplative orchestral piece. 01:21
14 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration