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Inject energy into your sports and action projects, zooming in on mad nosegrinds and spinning aerials. This mix of hard rock styles will give the right soundtrack to all the street side fun, from high flying riffs and machine gun kicks to punching distortion and stomping beats. Tracks include uplifting progressive rock, rattling industrial, swinging rockabilly, and spirited punk that will keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF033101
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A long crescendo led by an electric guitar drone breaks into a progressive rock anthem. 02:54
Seize The Day
ID: KF033102
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This fast-paced punk rock track has an upbeat electric guitar and energetic drums that are sure to make listeners bob their heads. 02:28
ID: KF033103
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Dark driving distorted guitars with a rolling kit drum beat pounds into an epic lead and break. 02:24
Highspeed Hero
ID: KF033104
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A soft, mysterious guitar line cranks into a driving industrial track pumped by heavy guitars, synths and electronic effects. 02:30
The Great Jump
ID: KF033105
Album: Sky Is No Limit
A downtempo, progressive rock track, with a singing guitar chorus pushing into positive, but harder territory. 02:56
Just Watch It
ID: KF033106
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Synths make for majestic leads over a bed of muted guitars and steady kit drums. 02:12
White-Hot Engine
ID: KF033107
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This heavy metal track features fast and heavy distorted guitars, pounding kicks, and smashing splashes, with a nostalgic chorus featuring a duet of legato guitars. 02:33
The Riot
ID: KF033108
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Driving, repetitive motifs by bouncing, dueling electric guitars define this rockabilly melody. 02:07
Sweat And Blood
ID: KF033109
Album: Sky Is No Limit
Capturing the classic 90s metal sound, this anthem is carried by hammering drums and powerful electric guitar riffs. 02:21
Full Metal Freestyle
ID: KF033110
Album: Sky Is No Limit
This riff-laden rock track will get listeners stomping and clapping to the beat. 02:27
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration