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Lounge jazz meets synthwave meets a bouquet of groove in this bundle of downtempo lofi tracks. From electric pianos playing smooth runs to laid-back rhythms on kit drums, all your needs for lounge scenes or relaxed vibes can be found here. In the tradition of lofi, expect vinyl crackles and nostalgic synths in callbacks to yesteryear.

10 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF033301
Album: Well Told
This downtempo track has a gentle guitar riff on repeat over a deep bass line and mellow kit drums. 02:32
You Gimme Goosebumps
ID: KF033302
Album: Well Told
Opening with string pads and percussion, a funky bass line and full kit drums lay on the groove to this lofi track. Soft vocal pads and jazzy electric piano pick up at the break. 02:20
Slow Pace
ID: KF033303
Album: Well Told
A saturated bass line and jazz piano lay down the groove with kit drums, along with some classic synth sounds. Spacey horns add some spice. 02:32
ID: KF033304
Album: Well Told
Featuring strong synth pads and a funky bass line, this track carries the tune with snapping fingers and a smooth jazz electric piano. 02:20
A Beautiful Dawn
ID: KF033305
Album: Well Told
Strummed electric piano chords open the track while laid-back kit drums, piano, and bass set the table for groove. 02:22
Rocking Chair Rocksteady
ID: KF033306
Album: Well Told
Vinyl crackling and spacey synths define this jazzy lofi track. An electric piano alternates with short drones for a synthwave aesthetic. 02:28
Shine On
ID: KF033307
Album: Well Told
A very downtempo yet funky track with electric piano, synth chord hits, and a synthetic cymbal shuffle. 02:16
Barbershop Theme
ID: KF033308
Album: Well Told
Jazz piano plays over cymbals and a bass full of funk. Vibes accentuate the groove making this a head-bobbing master study in low fidelity. 02:27
Indigo Queen
ID: KF033309
Album: Well Told
The track opens with a crackling organ progression, quickly turning into a massive downtempo trip hop canticle to cool. 02:43
Tired People
ID: KF033310
Album: Well Told
An electric piano plays a soft melody over atmospherics, with ambient pads fading in and out. A deep bass and kit drums bring some jazz-flavored groove to the game. 02:12
10 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration