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18 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Rj Blues
ID: KF014901
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Delta blues with e- and acoustic guitar and harmonica. Sounds like played on an old record player. 02:29
Blind Lemmon Blues
ID: KF014902
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A pleasant country blues with relaxed rhythm and a placid, soft solo guitar. 02:30
Missing You Blues
ID: KF014903
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Melancholic, thoughtful blues track with sensitive electric guitar and solo piano. 03:02
Floodgate Blues
ID: KF014904
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A happy rhythm 'n blues track with a catchy, coolly electric guitar melody. 02:28
Motor City Jam
ID: KF014905
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Happy fusion track with hammond organ, horn section and solo saxophone. 02:31
New Orleans Blues
ID: KF014906
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Positive, playful Cajun track, very easy and cheerful. 02:31
King Of The Blues
ID: KF014907
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Blues track with a relaxed solo electric guitar, brass sounds and a positive basic tone. 02:43
Main And 3rd Blues
ID: KF014908
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Relaxed Western blues with bottleneck guitar and harmonica. Playful and cheerful. 02:36
Time's Up Blues
ID: KF014909
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A soft-rock blues with sensitive electric guitar accompanied by a virtuoso, playful piano. 02:40
Saturday Night Blues
ID: KF014910
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Country music with an electric guitar melody. Positive, cheerful music with a quick rhythm. 02:35
Turner's Blues
ID: KF014911
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Chicago blues track with a solo electric guitar, a brass section and piano. 02:51
Just Folks
ID: KF014912
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A cool, relaxed acoustic guitar track with a humorous touch, positive and happy. 03:07
Blues To Go
ID: KF014913
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A good mood, groovy blues track with saxophone and electric guitar, combined with neat hammond sounds. 02:51
Orleans Romp
ID: KF014914
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A playful Cajun track with accordion and electric guitar. A funny, good mood mix embedded in a lively, energetic atmosphere. 01:46
Rodeo Roundup
ID: KF014915
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A happy Western track, reminding of rodeo and saloons. electric guitar and harmonica take turns in the lead part. 01:41
Elemental Rock
ID: KF014916
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Relaxed, unpretentious bluesrock track, easily played but still full of energy. 01:47
On Tour
ID: KF014917
Album: Rhythm&Blues
Straight-lined, hard blues-rock track with an untamed guitar solo. Groovy and energetic. 02:02
Country Side
ID: KF014918
Album: Rhythm&Blues
A country music and rock'n'roll track which invites immediately for dancing. 02:11
18 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration